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  1. As I am on my way to NARCh, we will be showing our entire product line for 2012. I will try to post pictures, as well as some links to more videos. I think you guys will really like the direction we are going. Let me know if you have specific photos you want to see.

    In regards to Canada, we have not set up our distribution plan yet. I will advise once we get it figured out.

  2. I will add to the list here, but first the products that should still be in the market:

    3 Finger gloves: This is still one product that should be in the market, especially for kids. Anybody under the age of 7 should use these. Much more control of their stick. I personally loved it on my bottom hand (hated on my top hand). Also, I think a goalie company should have a three finger blocker...

    PRT replacement blades - These blade were a bit heavier, but they were great for hockey. They lasted forever, and still gave the wood feel.

    Metamorphic Shaped shafts (i.e. thin Dangler) - These just felt great in your hand

    DNA Lacing (non plastic - the first generation) - The 1st generation DNA lacing worked incredible. The fit and wrap you could get around your foot will never be matched by traditional eyelets. The plastic one sucks...We know that...

    Mission's EPP Shin Guards - Yes they were a bit wide, but they were so light an so protective. Just needed a better graphic package.

    Carbster - But it only looked good in Medium/Large size. If you were any other size it looked awful)

    Now for the products that sucked:

    Offset hosel replacement blades - These ones were awful...Looked like a golf putter

    Power Plug - This was the weird thing you would put in the Butt end of your stick.

    Drive Shaft on Blade Holders - The main reason Mission Steel broke back in the day

    Mission 50 Helmet - UGLY

    Plastic DNA Strands - Enough Said

    688 bearings - concept is great, but wheels weren't

    I could go on and on....

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