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  1. RoadRunner,

    Thanks for skating in the CA9s and I am sure the RPD Max will be a step up from them. In regards to lace bit, the new Chassis shape/height, as well as the revised last (with reduced toe spring) will dramatically reduce the discomfort caused by lace bite. It is now easier to get onto your toes, and there is less pressure put on the laces/tongue. I think you will be extremely pleased with the new skates.

  2. The pants are expected to be in stores mid november. Skates are expected in stores Mid November.

    As for sizing, the CA8 and CA5 fit was more of a traditional fit (not slim or tapered). The new line of pants follows this same traditional fit.

    The main difference between the fabric on the Max verse the lower priced pants is the amount of stretch. The Max pant fabric is a bit softer to the touch and has an incredible amount of stretch in every possible direction.

    I hope this helps.

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  3. The RPD Comp skate is definitely not a step down verse the CA5 in terms of build quantity and fit/comfort. The RPD Comp has the new Movement Chassis (the same quality construction as the CA5 chassis), the same outsole, bearing, and internal liner. The RPD Comp actually uses better internal ankle foam, a better tongue, the new Labeda RPG Wheel, as well as new boot improvements (reduced toe spring and a wider forefoot for increased comfort and better balance).

    I personally would choose the RPD Comp.

    Hope this information helps.


  4. Our skates run around 1.5 sizes down from your shoe size. Our new skates are wider in the forefoot than previous models. We have adjusted our last to work better with our new chassis, and provide additional comfort. We don't build a EE skate, since our boots, when heat fitted properly, can fit a EE width foot.

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