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  1. I didn't delete anything. Unfortunately i am not familiar with the One55, since I don't believe it was sold in the US. The CA5 is a step up from the T6 skate, and the CA7 is another step up. Depending on what your budget is, both skates are great options. Personally I feel the CA7 is the best skate value in our line. The boot has almost all the features of a high end skate, at a mid price point. You can't go wrong with either the CA5 or CA7.

  2. Here are some of our NY dealers:

    All in One in Valley Stream

    Cozzi Sports in Bethpage

    Amity Harbor Sports in Amittyville

    Great Skate

    Play it Again Massapequa

    Plaza Sports

    Skate Safe in Old Bethpage

    Stock, in regards your sizing, you should probably have been in a size 6. We do appreciate you giving our skates a try.

    Crispy, you will definitely be a 10.5 in our skates.

  3. I'm currently wearing a pair of One100's in size 12D, but I wore mission Commander Blacks in 13D, do you think the 12 would be good in this skate for me?

    I would recommend a size 12 skate based on what your are wearing currently.

    Is it possible to special order just the CA7 boots because I want to use a set sprung frames?

    Nope. Sorry.

  4. Hey Justin, I'm interested in getting my son a set of CA7 or CA9's sometime down the road. He currently skates on Bauer RX:20 size 10R. His toes do not touch the end, and the R width is good. He skates on Bauer X:40's for ice hockey, size 9.5D. His toes just feather the ends. He had to get them baked twice and punched a bit to get the width to fit perfect.

    Unfortunately, there are no shops near us in Whitby (East of the GTA) that carry your skates (that I know of) so we are looking for sizing recommendations. Should we look at 9.5 or 10's?

    BTW, we are planning to convert them over to Sprung's on day one, as we play both ice and roller every week, sometes on the same day.

    Thx for your help.

    I would go with a size 9.5


    One of the guys skating out at Winter Wars West for the Thunder team also plays goalie for them in PIHA and was very interested in your gear he saw Sunday. Any word if or when we'll see Alkali goalie gear?

    No goalie equipment anytime soon. I just made these, since I didn't have a pair for roller.

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