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  1. Sure, the Team Duffle bag is a single compartment bag that is made with a heavy gauge coated nylon. The material on the bag was used on the PUMA World Cup Sailing bags. It is a much higher grade Tarpaulin fabric than what is normally found in hockey. Also, our bags are not made a hockey bag supplier, but actually at a golf bag supplier. The golf bag supplier uses much better thread, sewing methods, etc verse a traditional hockey bag supplier.

    I hope this helps.


  2. Here you go:

    Take wheels off (this way the skates can stand straight up.

    Remove footbed

    Put the oven rack on the bottom

    Set the temp to 150 (lower than normal, but better to be safe than sorry)

    Remove footbeds

    Keep Light on to monitor the heating

    Place in oven for 5 minutes to start

    Constantly monitor and check them to make sure there is no issue

    Check after 5 minutes to see if the boot is warm and has soften up a bit

    If not, put back in oven for another 3-5 minutes.

    See Video for the rest:

  3. Willy,

    A couple of things that should help clear up:

    1. We state that the skate is wider in the forefoot, because that is what the last is. We built a wider toecap on our skates to allow for more comfort out of the box.

    2. The outsole on a C and EE skate is the same. At Mission we used the same outsole for all skate widths.

    Take a look at the attached picture of my skate (The CA9) and another player with a wider foot skate (CA7). You will notice a huge difference in the eyelet facing wrap. My skates have an eyelet facing that completely wrap over the toe box and foot. This offers a more secure fit for my narrow foot.


    I hope this info helps.

  4. Definitely. As I have mentioned before, the heat fit mold ability of our skates is amazing. Since our skates have the ability to mold so much (range from a C to a EE width range of adjustment), we only needed to do one width skate. There are numerous reviews out there, and the have been great! I think you will be happy with the fit, features, performance, and durability.

    Hope this helps.


  5. We believe the larger wheels are the junior skates effects their maneuverability and speed. The extra weight of the larger wheels also hurts them. As for the sticks, are patterns are exact copies of the following curves from Easton:

    A17 - Iginla

    A33 - Hall

    A47 - Parise

    A77 - Cammalleri

  6. Sorry InlinePro77, i'm one of those guys that wants to support our little shops!

    Justin, I will head to TRH! Much appreciated!

    Also, can you please check your email? Sent you a few things over the last few weeks. Thanks!

    Jay Russell handles the team side of the business. I will make sure he contacts you once he gets back from AAU Winternationals.

  7. Justin, do these skates HAVE to be heat molded? I tried them on at the shop and was getting insane heel lift (you said the heels were narrow?). Would a bake remedy this?

    Yes, the skates can change when heat fitted. I am surprise you are having heal lift, as I have a very narrow heel and have no lift.

    Justin while it likely won't matter because if I buy I will get the 12s, but yesterday asked on facebook page also. Someone from your company replied y11 and y12 have four wheels. The new Reebok 3k with labeda chasis also have 4 wheels in y11 and y12. I think 59 also so I would think yours also?

    completely not you guys, but HGiant sucks huge. I called them a few days ago the guy said he figured 3 wheels, asked if he could check and said none around. Emailed customer service asking to have the warehouse snap a picture they ignored request and said they believe 3 wheels. Responded asking them to please just have someone in the warehouse look at skate. They never responded. They suck. I understand they are a huge Etailer but their CS is $hit. I didn't think asking them to physically look at a product they're selling was a bizarre or unreasonable request.

    IW is awesome but they aren't carrying the youth only Jr and Sr so couldn't ask them.

    I just walked out to the warehouse and looked again: Y11 is a 3 wheel 59mm and Y12 is a 4 wheel 59. Sorry for the confusion.

    MIHA tourney? Have fun playing the Phoenix ;).

    Nick Smolinski will be wearing the CA9's. Got them yesterday and didnt take them off for 8+ hours.

    I'm still on the fence.

    Justin I called you guys and left a VM a couple days ago..havent heard anything back yet though.

    Not sure whose mailbox you left a message, but you can e-mail me at justin@alkalihockey.com with your questions.

  8. Inlinepro: I cannot comment on switching out the chassis, but I would recommend trying the skates with the stock chassis for at least 5-6 games. Once you give it some time, I think you will be happy with the results.

    ahbroody: Y11 is a 3 wheel 59mm and Y12 is a 4 wheel 59. Our skate are fairly deep, so I think he will fit in our skates.

  9. You can wear them in, but I highly recommend baking them. The material we used is specially designed to take the shape of your foot with heat. However, you can definitely break them in by just wearing them.

    As for the ABS stick, or CA3 stick has a nice and rigid ABS blade. Give them a try, and I think you will be pleased.

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