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    Bauer Total One NXG
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    Bauer Total One NXG PM9 87 Flex
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    Bauer Vapor X:60 Pro / CCM U+CL
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    RBK 8K w/ Bauer RE-AKT cage
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    RBK 1053
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    Mission Thorax Padded Shirt
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    Easton Synergy 700
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    Jofa 8090
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    NESSI Pro Series

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  1. I get what you're saying. Lots of no-shows in beer league.. They post the official roster. Then each game sheet has who actually shows up. Roster has less than league max. I don't need to beat it to death, it's admittedly immature to feel scorned. I'd just prefer if he was honest from the get-go.
  2. They post the roster. It's not full.
  3. A year ago I was playing on three teams, in a funk, and not having much fun with hockey. I decided to cut back to one skate a week for one season, and hit the reset button. One of the teams I walked away from was a good group, so when I asked to come back after taking the fall season off, I was disappointed when they said "we're full". I didn't find another team in the same division for two more seasons. At the start of this summer I knew my old team was routinely short players for games so I asked again if they needed anyone and was told "Sorry, we're full". I don't mind if they didn't want me back, or just didn't think I was a good fit, but saying the roster is full when they rarely get 10 to show up for a game is kind of insulting. I joined a new team (good group.. I'm the FNG) and we played my former team tonight.I don't generate a lot of points, but tonight i had: -The opening goal. It was garbage, I shot it wide but it deflected of their D man and bounced in. That's hockey, I'll take it. -Scored Pipe-and-in from the top of the circle on a 5:3 PP with about a minute left to tie it. -A shootout winner to seal it. As much as I wanted to gloat when I skated by my old teams bench I figured it's just beer league and for all I know we'll be on the other side of the coin next time, so I didn't even look at them and just cleared my bench. Hockey was fun tonight. starsfan71 - I was happy read your post hear that things are going well. Wish you all the best!
  4. Customer: "how much are these water bottles?" Me: "$4 each" Customer (examines bottle closely, scratches chin) "are these BPA free?" Me: "...I can't say for sure, but I doubt it.." Customer: "ah...I'll just dehydrate this game" (puts bottle back on shelf) Yeah, It's $4, and it's BPA-free. I've also got some fair-trade Red Bull and hemp stick tape if you like?
  5. I can't speak on his behalf (I think he's a member here?) so I'll just say that Peaches has done it in the past. I'm not sure if he's still willing to, and if so, what it would cost.
  6. A good repair shop (George's or Peaches?) can take the extra length out, if you decide you want to use them. edited for spelling
  7. Good move. Going from LGA to JFK is punishment for shoplifting in New York. Not having to do that is worth a whole lot of Euros. Safe travels, hope it's a great trip.
  8. IMO the level of protection and quality of construction are the primary reasons to seek out the RBK/Jofa protective. I also think they're relative scarcity, and pro stock status contribute to the hype.
  9. Neither of those should be the case. You should be able to reject it if you didn't get what you asked for, and the LHS shouldn't have to eat the cost. Rejections happen infrequently, but they do happen.
  10. Last time I heard about it was when Step expected a Spring 2011 release. At the time I remember the price being surprisingly high. I can't recall the specific quote, just remember thinking it was expensive. Any idea of the Ti-SS MSRP?
  11. The Cascade M11 runs big, I'd suggest trying a Large in that. Also, Bauer makes the 4500, 5100 and 9900 in XL.
  12. Pardon the interjection, but I just switched from X:60 pros to U+CL's. I think overall they're very comparable gloves. The padding on top of the index/pinky fingers in the CCM did roll over and catch on my middle/ring fingers when I first had them...but that went away once they broke in. Now I'd say they're just as good as the Bauer's, just a little different. Definitely a more open cuff, on the CL's. I find the padding more protective on the CCM's. I like the flex thumb and the digital palm better on the X:60's. The CCM backroll is a little more snug than the Bauer. For me the slightly shorter finger length on the Bauer works better, the CCM is just a bit longer. Can't beat the colorways on the U+ - the R/Bk/Wh and the R/Nvy/Wh are beautiful, and I'm seriously eyeing a pair of Midnights now. Sorry for adding comentary in the Show It Off thread. Back on track with a nostalgic show off: I always wanted a pair of these, but they were out of reach when I was younger. I picked these up for $20 on eBay. They're definitely well worn, but still have a lot of life left in them, especially with the new digital palms.
  13. TotalOne Classics Black Clarino Liner Supreme Bobby Clarke Tongue Old Toe Tips (Nylon) Oversize Padding Double Stitching TotalOne Vented Outsole 272mm LS3 Steel
  14. I think they're good pads. Depends on what you need out of them and what you consider "legit"..other Jofa's, new RBK's, or another company entirely?
  15. They're called "Creepers" for a reason...keep them, haha.
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