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  • Skates
    2006 CCM Pro Tacks
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    Warrior AK
  • Gloves
    Custom Flite's
  • Helmet
    CCM HT2
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    Jofa pro 5044
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    NBH Dri Fit
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  1. They are regular/wide size anyway......
  2. HT2? Where did ya get a new one, if ya don't mind me asking? TY
  3. Thanks guys for info....I had a chance to "pull the trigger" on a pr of creepers, and steered away from them as I had heard so much about them being "tapered" or "slim", or "contoured"..... in my mind, I thought they were really narrow gloves? I guess its just a reminder that, no matter what picture you have in your head about the fit or feel of gloves.....you just have to try on that particular model of gloves to know for sure....Thanks again!
  4. Well....went to my LHS and tried to get 100/1, like jimmy suggested, but they told me the sharpest FBV cut they can do is 100/75! So went with 5/16 old style...Cheers!
  5. Sorry JR the 100/1 (sharpest) and I was thinking the smaller the # on the right.....the sharper the cut? Found chart! TY
  6. Thanks Jimmy.....I know for a fact that others I play pick up with, would not want their skates this sharp....but I have to have them this sharp! Tried the FBV 100/75, then tried the 100/50 and was not near sharp enough feeling...so I am going to try 100/1 and report back! Whats the second sharpest? 100/2 ??? Thanks again guys! Appreciate the help with this! ??? Wouldn't 100/50 be more bite?????
  7. Jimmy....so, I just say 100/1? to the fella who sharpens my skates? TY
  8. Can anyone suggest the "sharpest" FBV possible? I like my skates sharp, and tried 100/75, but didnt seem near sharp enough? Mind you, I liked the "glide" of the FBV, just didn't feel sharp enough, or like I could not cut well enough? Anyone? TY
  9. Is it just me????? Or does every pr of gloves shown in these pics, have strange cuffs? They look different, on each glove? Is it possible thast these are "seconds" or manufacture "mistakes"......really odd? Maybe its just my eyes? Or some kind of custom cuff? Cheers! Sorry forgot to include original quote.........http://cgi.ebay.com/...I#ht_2698wt_905 Any idea what these are? SMU's I'm assuming?
  10. Frankenskates!!! No seriously they are really nice looking....Hope they work for ya? Cheers, and congrats......How much for all those modifications? Retail + $100? TY
  11. New to me....used pickups....Donald Audettes old jofa stuff. 5044's are sweet!
  12. You are correct! Everything is different!
  13. Love the 95's dude.....very nice! Congrats!
  14. OMG!!! "Even the guy who got into the crash"......what an idiot....
  15. I switched back to reguler sharpening.....never felt "sharp" enough with FBV???? Not for me....My 2
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