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  1. Will this be more similar to the blue used by Vancouver?
  2. You get these on ebay a few weeks back? Or some place else?
  3. Really appreciate the offer but I'm in the UK, so I don't think I have a valid warranty?
  4. Used my DT1 for the 3rd time last night & noticed the blade is starting to break up at the toe area. Not best pleased It's a new curve for me so I've taped over it & will see how it goes, maybe I'm hitting the ice differently to when I was using the Kopitar pattern. I was hoping we were past the point with Warrior sticks where you don't have to assess the damage every time you retape your stick Sucks because I love the feel & performance!
  5. Another happy DT1 customer here! As a smaller guy with a low stance I'd been using a kopitar/P92 pattern with a lie of 5 or 6. Wasn't really getting much out if my shots Made a change to the W14 Chara pattern (lie 4) & cut my stick a little shorter & I found my shot again. Is it me or is the DT1 longer than usual? I had to cut a good few inches off mine compared to my TO & Dolomites
  6. Good few years ago, maybe 2009 ish. We had the originals done by CH but they're terrible to deal with. All the recent ones were done by Rhino
  7. I have some Warriors same as yours too Aaron! Match perfectly!
  8. Rhino in the UK made them, I think they might be copies of an old NCAA team?
  9. Can't remember if I ever posted this. One of the rec teams I play for
  10. Afraid I had to use trial & error until the hole size was correct. Maybe mine was slightly different because it's a pro stock but there was a hard, dense foam in the bottom section of the shaft. Sorry if this doesn't help much but I don't know what to recommend
  11. I tried this exactly 38mm from the E & it didn't work. The shaft seemed to have another section in it which prevents you from fitting even a tapered blade. Going to have to try & cut a little higher I think :(
  12. A recent trip to Prague confirmed something worrying. I have an addiction to buying gloves There was just something about the Salming gloves that caught my eye...
  13. Cut down the AI9 & it takes a tapered blade for anyone interested
  14. Anyone tried this on a Reebok AI9 yet? It think it takes a standard blade
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