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  1. No man, I totally agree. People need to plan their stuff better. If they are late & just scooting on by, that's different. I have also seen plenty of people get on after 1st class with kids doing their own thing & they don't need some sissy-ass "get me on the plane faster than them because I have kids". Man I hear you I was under the impression that they were waiting just like you and got on. If they are slow, unprepared and overall not ready...they need to wait!
  2. Were you traveling alone? Were you first on right after them? Pain in the ass to travel with kids. Just let them go on their marry way. You still sat in the nicer seats & got the better service so that's worth it right there. I'm sure people take notice of you doing something that they are "entitled" to. Its all good man! Annoying as heck but all the same :)
  3. I know what you mean. On a drop in at my local barn, there is someone who will usually show up every now and again. For the most part its all the same people who know each other. But, I never liked the guy. Now I remember why. 1.5 hr skate. He took 3 LONG shifts. Not overly skilled but not terrible. Had several 2-0/2-1's with him. He either coughed it up in traffic or put it straight in the goalies chest. Seriously dude? He had a talking to and needless to say It was 4 of us on our team and then him. Shit pisses me off. Dish the biscuit so I can drive it home. At least 1 time. Feel your pain, bro.
  4. JSK, what curve on the RS? Pro Stock?
  5. StarsFan71, I'm not really known around the forum but I'm in the DFW metroplex. I've recently been hit with stuff and while I'm not on anti-depressants or have seen anybody, I could use a hockey buddy to help me get thru things as well. Where do you play at? I'm ususally at open skates at the DrPepper centers on Wed/THurs. Come out, Dude.
  6. Interesting, always wondered what Sids gloves were like. Loose fit, tapered, tight fit?
  7. You can do that?! Did it change the fit? How much was it and what's the turn around time?
  8. ucla, as a Hawks fan...DAMN I'M JEALOUS of the Hoss gloves. If you EVER decide to offload those I am first in line! Awesome gloves man! Awesome.
  9. Has anyone ever ordered custom Warriors in a color that is just offered in one material in another. Ex: Vegas gold carbon in Vegas gold tufftek?
  10. Prostock Pens 4 rolls. Never was a fan of the clarino but the single layer clarino was quite nice.
  11. ^^^ That's looking good. Let us know how it compares to Dolo & other sticks. I agree with you also, I think that the blacked out with white 'WARRIOR' makes the stick look awesome!
  12. Pro Stock Hockey Gear now has the custom EQ5 builder on the website. Email them with what colorway you want for the corresponding #'s. Lots of different palms and a lock thumb and a carbon lock thumb. Was told 6-8 week turn around for them.
  13. Dearest Teenagers at my local rink, It's alright that I looked forward to an actual drop in tonight and I didn't get to play. It's alright that I bought new things to use tonight for drop in but was turned away because you only allow 20 players and I was 21. What isn't alright is your "Haha, sucks to be you" attitude and your high school punk ass flirting with the OTHER "I don't give a shit, you're #21 and you suck because you are 21st." I wanted to reach across the table when they smirked when I asked if there is ANY chance I can play because someone called in and didn't show. Again, when you told me that people already took those spots. Next time do you're F'ing job with some customer service other than trying to get into Lady GaGa's pants. Sincerely, A Player Who was ready to pay & play but you decided to be a dick about it. Just needed to vent. Been a LONG, SLOW ASS, week at work and I was REAAAALLLY looking forward to some ice time. Note: Lady GaGa didn't in fact look like L.G.G. -- But her shitty "I'm trying to make him work for my goodies which he'll never get, so get lost" attitude made her a solid 2/10.
  14. Did you get them custom ordered? Where did you pick them up at?
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