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  1. At first, I thought it was Mike Brown who played for the Maple Leafs. Turns out it was another Mike Brown, which makes sense because the Leafs Mike Brown is much smaller and 9 1/2 skate would be too big for him imo. http://www.hockeydb.com/ihdb/stats/pdisplay.php?pid=26839
  2. lol.............some guys have all the luck. It wouldn't surprise me if he ends up in Detroit next year and by some luck, they win the lottery for Jack Hughes.
  3. oh, I hate to say this but your defencemen are not helping you much. I am okay with old and slow, etc. but from the videos they seem to be out of position quite a bit. The least they can do is take their position.Left and right sides respectfully, at least this way you can deal with one shooter not 2 more 3 possible shooters. Too often I think the d-men are facing you, which I can understand because they are trying to follow the puck and recover control of it/get it out of harms way. But the problem it usually is not effective because the puck is bouncing around and it seems they are bit slow to react to the opposition. When I play defence, I try to look up the up the ice and face/cover the forward. Cover my ground, box out the opposition and use my stick and try not allow them to a one timer from the slot. I try to use the same mentality as basketball, man your spot, box out the opposition from driving to the net.
  4. One time I got lucky and I got this former professional German hockey player for some hockey lessons. I never could puck handle with looking down at the puck, let alone skate up with the puck with head up. I always had to look to look down. So the German player tells us to stand still and puck handle with our heads up. No one does it and everyone looks down at the puck and ice. The next thing he says, if he sees anyone looking down, immediately get down on the ice and do 10 push ups. First couple times we still look down and then he stops us and forces us to do the push ups. After the second or third time, no one one wants to do the push ups anymore and we try to puck handle with our heads up. We all lose control of the puck but no push ups. Funny thing is quite soon afterwards you develop some type of muscle memory and you can actually puck handle the puck without looking down. Maybe Ackbar the goalie can do the same thing. For a practice session, with maybe 2 players, they slowly skate towards him and he must stay up no matter what, if he drops to one leg or both legs, he must do 10 push ups.
  5. Okay, one is a no brainer with David Perron, who is the second friend ?
  6. i am going to guess that the Leafs are trying to make at least 1 more trade (guessing right hand shot defenseman) which requires having enough cap space. From this chart the Leafs don't have much cap space. https://www.capfriendly.com/teams/mapleleafs
  7. I was fooling around with this years back. Its pretty much done like you say. But I would not really encourage anyone to pay/do it unless its a stick you really like. Its not cheap and I found that the stick would break in another spot later on. Because I had to cut some of the shaft off to make it a seamless join, the stick became more shorter/stiffer. But hey, if you have spare time and materials, go for it. Its a little project
  8. I would say Connor McDavid but they play completely different styles of games. But then again, I kind of question whether Auston Matthews and Jagr line up would work because I believe both players want to hold onto the puck. There is only one puck.
  9. He can still play but is no longer a 1st line player imo. He can still play but what's he really going to do for your team ? He is taking valuable ice time from emerging players. There are only 2 scenarios where I think he can be a valuable player. Since he is a legend I am sure his presence, experience and wisdom would rub off on younger players. The other situation is if he helps pushes a team over the edge with his existing skills. He is still a big and strong player and scorer, Its hard to stop that. So I am imagine if he played with the right player they could be dangerous. Maybe someone like Auston Matthews ? Auston Matthews is another big and strong player with good control and skating, he could get in down low and feed Jagr. Maybe that would work ?
  10. after doing a little research and reading, it seems like everything is out for NCAA. http://hockeyfamilyadvisor.com/keeping-your-ncaa-eligibility-during-chl-tryouts-dos-and-donts/
  11. that's rough, I would think its okay to accept transportation and lodging for a development camp. Its a short event and there is no cash involved. Regarding NHL draft picks playing in the OHL, etc. What I meant is do they have to pay their own way for a development camp ? The player doesn't sign with the club and decides to play in the OHL for the year. For him to go to development camp, does he pay for himself ? I don't think the OHL team would cover the costs.
  12. they have to pay their own way ? I thought it would of been free. So they have to pay for transportation and lodging ? And how about junior hockey draft picks like OHL, WHL and QMJHL ? Those draft picks have to pay their own way ?
  13. I don't think drafted players who play college hockey get money, if anything I think its against school rules to accept money. I think kids who get drafted go to college hockey for a couple of reasons, they are usually not good enough to play professional hockey (AHL hockey or higher) at the time. So going to college may allow you to grow and develop at your own pace. Also, some kids really want to have a school/degree/diploma. Either way, its a crapshoot, if you look at the results of the NHL draft over the years most of them don't make it to the NHL. http://www.hockeydb.com/ihdb/draft/nhl2011e.html I think I heard in the media that Tyler Bozak is the productive undrafted player from college hockey. http://www.hockeydb.com/ihdb/stats/pdisplay.php?pid=83925
  14. touche :) https://ibb.co/mdkfuv
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