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  1. Hey, thanks for the answer and review!!
  2. Thanks for your answer! If you cut away the sternum and spine things what will be underneath, just some thin fabric or also some foam padding? I'm mostly looking for really good shoulder protection and "ok" chest/body protection. Did you maybe see/try the warrior bullys?
  3. Do the sternum and spine "plates" stick out much? Im considering the koncept shoulders also for next season but those plates look really unflexible since they are only one-piece and not segmented?
  4. So the D width in the 10K and 8K means probably D/A wich means same fit as last years models?
  5. Are they any different from the nike-bauer version beside the logo?
  6. So the new vapors again have more volume than the previous vapors? The xxxx were already a lot deeper than the xxx. Seems like every manufactor is adding more volume to their skates... Vapors, Supremes, Vectors/U+, rbks... Thats really a problem for people who need shallow skates! Graf 703/G3 would be an option but not if you dont like low cut boots.. In an ideal world all skates would be offered in C/D/E width and S/M/L volume ;)
  7. cool can I have dl link then? no copy protection?? :D
  8. Are these skates only for display purposes or do you actually play hockey in them? :P
  9. I like the blue holders but put some white laces in!
  10. would be nice if NBH would release those as a "supreme classic" like they did a few years back with the classic gold.
  11. :o WHAT? Why did they do that? i cant imagine hockey whithout the HT2! Whats next, nbh eliminates the 4500?
  12. wow thats a nice curve! is there any similar retail curve? looks like a less open drury?!
  13. RBK 7K snake grip maybe just a europe thing?
  14. why? best skates ever made!!! ;)
  15. Eric Weinrichs skates Brian Rafalskis skates Are these "S500" custom skates? But the same skates for 2 different players? Or are these some kind of prototypes?
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