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    NBH One100
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    CCM U+ CL
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    NBH Pro 4-Roll, Vapor XXX
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    Bauer 8000
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    RBK 9K
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    TPS R8
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    RBK 4K
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  1. I purchased CCM Super Tacks skates on clearance in April. There was only about a month left in my hockey season. Only skated once a week in the summer. Just started skating again a couple weeks ago. Before playing last night I discovered a crack in the left boot. I know CCM only has a 90 day warranty. Luckily I purchased using a credit card that offers an extended warranty. I should be covered. To fill out my claim form they want a serial number and model number. Anyone know where to find this information?
  2. Lost our mens league game to a team that only had 6 players last night and got into a car accident on the way into work this morning.
  3. I just got mine done by Georges too. Have skated in them twice since they have been replaced and they helped my lace bite. Still not completely gone but from what I was told takes a while for your feet to heal. They feel great though.
  4. Pure Hockey I believe.
  5. I have an 09 and the new CL. The new one a got as a warranty return after I broke one of my 09's. It's a regular Ovi and the same curve as the 09 that I have too.
  6. Brand new U+ CL. First game with it blade gets caught in the boards and snaps in half.
  7. Have been dealing with a slow leak on one of my tires this winter. I found the hole and tried patching numerous times but couldn't get one to hold. Finally brought it in 3 days ago and got 2 new tires. The others had decent tread left. Come out of work today and new tire is flat.
  8. Oh yeah. I got 10 pounds of that for like 50 bucks a while ago. Down to only a couple pounds left now. Will have to stock up again.
  9. Where did you get the CL? I'm looking to grab a few prostocks since the retail is my favorite stick ever.
  10. You doing any weights at all? If I remember right lifting even a little bit will help with your metabolism burn more calories when your at rest.
  11. My one95s were about to die when I found a pair of one100s for 350 buck. Very happy about that deal.
  12. Getting yelled at for something you had absolutely no involvement in. Way it was handled makes me look at this company way differently.
  13. After 13 months of searching I finally got a job that uses my degree. It's about damn time.
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