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    NBH One100
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    NBH Pro 4-Roll, Vapor XXX
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    Bauer 8000
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    RBK 9K
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    TPS R8
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  1. I purchased CCM Super Tacks skates on clearance in April. There was only about a month left in my hockey season. Only skated once a week in the summer. Just started skating again a couple weeks ago. Before playing last night I discovered a crack in the left boot. I know CCM only has a 90 day warranty. Luckily I purchased using a credit card that offers an extended warranty. I should be covered. To fill out my claim form they want a serial number and model number. Anyone know where to find this information?
  2. I am 6 ft 3, 215lbs, and use a 75. I have played around with 85 recently. My shots are definitely harder with the 85 but I have to really lean into them to see the difference. In games where you don't have time to load up for a hard wrister I can get better shots off quicker with 75. Took me a while to get used to it a few years ago but I am sticking with my 75's.
  3. Few years ago at the Pond hockey tournament in Minneapolis they decided to have some games a night. There were lights but the rinks were still pretty dark so they used some pucks that looked like those lit biscuits. They were crap. Way lighter than a normal puck and even on lite shots the light would sometimes go out. They no longer play night games at that tournament.
  4. I believe mine will be the team sticks then. They are LK and the curve is P19 which I didn't think CCM offers at retail anymore. Hopefully they don't feel like the prostock U+ CL's a got a year ago. They felt like a 75 dollar stick in a different paint job.
  5. Is there a way to tell if you have that version of stick? I just purchased some Ultra Tacks online and am curious to see if it is one of these team sticks.
  6. Lost our mens league game to a team that only had 6 players last night and got into a car accident on the way into work this morning.
  7. I am from EGF so am rooting for TRF. I guess we are on opposite sides on that one. St. Thomas needs to move up to AA.
  8. Anybody going this year? I am going to try make it for a few games. Live streams of the games on prep45.com.
  9. I just got mine done by Georges too. Have skated in them twice since they have been replaced and they helped my lace bite. Still not completely gone but from what I was told takes a while for your feet to heal. They feel great though.
  10. Pure Hockey I believe.
  11. I have an 09 and the new CL. The new one a got as a warranty return after I broke one of my 09's. It's a regular Ovi and the same curve as the 09 that I have too.
  12. Brand new U+ CL. First game with it blade gets caught in the boards and snaps in half.
  13. Have been dealing with a slow leak on one of my tires this winter. I found the hole and tried patching numerous times but couldn't get one to hold. Finally brought it in 3 days ago and got 2 new tires. The others had decent tread left. Come out of work today and new tire is flat.
  14. Oh yeah. I got 10 pounds of that for like 50 bucks a while ago. Down to only a couple pounds left now. Will have to stock up again.
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