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    NBH One100
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    CCM U+ CL
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    NBH Pro 4-Roll, Vapor XXX
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    Bauer 8000
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    RBK 9K
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    TPS R8
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    RBK 4K
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    Jofa ?

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  1. I think I'll give one a go. Tried one on yesterday. Lengthwise it was pretty good. Some other features will take some getting used to. I did have a vapor xxxx girdle back in the day. Got rid of it back then cause of the length thing. If I remember I did like the girdle idea though. Does everyone just have a Jetspeed shell, or are they pretty universal?
  2. Back in the day I had a pair of Reebok 9K's that had that, and they were still too short. If I had them pulled up they gets caught on my shins.
  3. I know this frequently comes up, but my searching didn't yield anything recent. I am 6'3" and a 34-35" waist and am looking for some extra length pants. I currently have some prostock +2" pants, but they are really overkill for what I am playing now. Would like something a little lighter. Looks like non of the companies make a tall pants anymore. Is a girdle better for length? Looking for someone to point me in the right direction.
  4. Thanks for the heads up on the wax laces. I just swapped them out and was going to bake later tonight. Didn't even think about it. Think I am going to do 185 for 4 then. 2 minutes did seem fairly short to get the skate adequately heated.
  5. Anyone have any suggestions for home bakong some AS3 Pro's I just purchased. I don't have easy access to a skate oven, and would like to bake these. Look like CCM says 220 for 2 minutes. Everything on home baking online says 175 for 5-7 minutes. Assuming I got with the CCM instructions and an oven is an oven. Just place them on a towel on a cookie sheet and good to go? Sorry if this has been covered. I searched but came up empty.
  6. I purchased CCM Super Tacks skates on clearance in April. There was only about a month left in my hockey season. Only skated once a week in the summer. Just started skating again a couple weeks ago. Before playing last night I discovered a crack in the left boot. I know CCM only has a 90 day warranty. Luckily I purchased using a credit card that offers an extended warranty. I should be covered. To fill out my claim form they want a serial number and model number. Anyone know where to find this information?
  7. Lost our mens league game to a team that only had 6 players last night and got into a car accident on the way into work this morning.
  8. Pure Hockey I believe.
  9. I have an 09 and the new CL. The new one a got as a warranty return after I broke one of my 09's. It's a regular Ovi and the same curve as the 09 that I have too.
  10. Brand new U+ CL. First game with it blade gets caught in the boards and snaps in half.
  11. Have been dealing with a slow leak on one of my tires this winter. I found the hole and tried patching numerous times but couldn't get one to hold. Finally brought it in 3 days ago and got 2 new tires. The others had decent tread left. Come out of work today and new tire is flat.
  12. Oh yeah. I got 10 pounds of that for like 50 bucks a while ago. Down to only a couple pounds left now. Will have to stock up again.
  13. Where did you get the CL? I'm looking to grab a few prostocks since the retail is my favorite stick ever.
  14. You doing any weights at all? If I remember right lifting even a little bit will help with your metabolism burn more calories when your at rest.
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