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  • Skates
    Bauer Vapor X90
  • Stick
    Bauer TotalOne NXG (Shields)
  • Gloves
    Bauer APX Pro
  • Helmet
    Bauer ReAkt with Bauer Concept II Visor
  • Pants
    RBK 9K Girdle
  • Shoulder Pads
    Sherwood 5030
  • Elbow Pads
    RBK 8K Pro
  • Shin Pads
    Bauer Vapor XVI
  • Hockey Bag
    London Racers JRZ Bag

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    Bangor, Northern Ireland
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    Dublin Flying Ducks #64
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  1. Team GB and Team Ireland set ups (helmets currently in storage) http://imgur.com/XSIVSvh
  2. That jersey doesn't look half bad, not half bad at all, you just need the socks and short covers and you're sorted, i've a full team Ireland set up myself and some spares, ill have a look for you if you're interested
  3. Recently took part in a huge UK charity tournament (www.ukfallstars.co.uk) representing Breast Cancer Care team , and we won in penalties, feels pretty good, my first silverware in my hockey career
  4. Haven't posted my new pick ups in a while, I really am a gear whore Iserlohn Roosters Bronze Helmet, Pink CCM bucket for a charity tournament, Team Ireland IIHF Short Covers, Belfast Giants Short Covers, Montreal Fire Department Cover Shorts (obtained from team during WPFG in Belfast), Paul Bissonnette Warrior gloves, Bauer Apx Pro gloves (red and yellows), Belfast Giants team tracksuit and pro CCM U+CL with Double White Felt Tongues and brand new steel from a Belfast Giants player
  5. Few photos from the weekend, I was playing for Dublin Wolves in the Rainman Allstars Winter Fun Cup in Tachov, Czech Republic. Great weekend and we finished 6th out of 10 teams Me after scoring my 3rd goal of the tournament, not bad for an utter plug Dublin Wolves Team Photo Both Irish Teams, Dublin Wolves and The Icemakers
  6. I'd have myself dead if i had so many, although i VERY much appreciate the uniformity in height and butt ends, my OCD applauds that collection
  7. Helmet: Rbk 9k with Oakley Visor Shoulders: Custom Tour Inline Shirt with CCM90 Shoulder and Biceps Gloves: Bauer x60 pro Shins: Bauer Pro Defender Pants: Team Canada, reshelled with a jofa shell Skates: Bauer Vapor x2.0 with RBK9k felt tongue and lightspeed 2 steel and runners Sticks: Bauer x60 (draper curve)
  8. Called in as a ringer (albeit not a very good one) for the Irish Flyers team (#12 in the background) And with my new team, the Dublin Wolves. Played my first game with them against my former team, headhunted the whole game, but still managed to net myself my first competetive hat trick, and added an assist and a tripping minor to go along with it
  9. Playing my first match in nearly a year due to injury, was scheduled to play for Dublin Wolves....and got traded to Dublin Riot 10 minutes before faceoff......worked out for the best and got my first ever W
  10. My latest endeviour,ccm 90 junior shoulder pads sewn on to my tour body armour with triple the foam padding under the cup of the right shoulder to aid with my bad shoulder, speedy stitcher is something EVERYONE should have
  11. I just picked up a cheap pair of short covers man, use them and of you're feeling flash just whip them off and use the white haha
  12. I got the exact same pair, best pair of shorts I've worn, comfortable and really protective, only problem is they don't stay that white for long, checking out the UK sites for gear, the 9k shorts are typically double that, I thought it was an ace deal
  13. Basingstoke is probably a whole heap better than Dundonald Ice Bowl, makes the Odyssey look even better in comparison
  14. That's exactly why they need sharpened, blunt skates and you'd be better off playing in a pair of trainers
  15. Send me a link boss, I'm UK also
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