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    Graf 705's
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    warrior AK27 shaft, Warrior Swizzle Blade, Kovalchuck
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    ccm echl black/white nylon pro tacks
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    RBK 4K, 480 chrome cage
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    Easton Synergy 10 girdle, PX shell
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    Rbk 5k
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    RBK 5k
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    Abused Former Team Bag

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    Central Illinois
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    German, Civil Engineering, Logo/ Uniform Design, Woodworking
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  1. No problem with shipping, everything on the up-and-up? Might have to take that route if it worked for you. Side question for those more educated on why product offerings are different between countries: why doesn’t CCM distribute this jock in the states or Canada? People are always complaining about cups and this one has nothing but rave reviews.
  2. Does anybody have a lead on where to find one of these? It looks like they were available in Canada, but is there anywhere in the US? Sideline swap has one for 100 bucks, and eBay has some in Europe.
  3. Hi guys, Moving to Ann Arbor Sunday, and I'm curious about a team maybe. I've played a tiny bit of senior travel hockey in Canada and wisconsin, and I'd like to do this more. Is there anything in michigan or windsor area like this? I know petrolia has a senior team but that's a little far (and I'm not sure us residents are allowed) If not this, then maybe a competitive tournament team? I like the aspect of not playing against the same in-house teams Thanks in advance
  4. Hi All, Curious if anybody would be in the know on this one. Looks to be CE certified, is this enough for ACHA? Airflow and replaceable visor are a plus http://www.hockeyoffice.com/hejduk-bosport-combo-pro-viser-visor-and-cage/hockey-store/shop1prodview_iSC39030.html
  5. will look into Graf's newer lines, thanks for that advice. Anybody else know of any other brands that might work?
  6. Hi Folks, I usually like to try to solve these problems myself, but I'm really stumped. I've been using Vapor x4.0's (11.5 EE) for the past year and a half-ish, and I've come across the following problems (problems have almost always been there, but keep getting worse): -bad heel lock (feel it especially when skating backwards and taking off forwards) -a little too much depth through forefoot and ankle (width on forefoot is in the OK to too tight range) -flimsy tongue (blocking shots seems like an idiotic idea with these tongues) I want to get some new skates, but don't want to drive the hour to the closest store to find out they don't have what I'm looking for. I had 705's before, and the heel lock was great on those, but they were simply too heavy and not really deep enough through the forefoot either. Heel lock and having a wide enough toecap and forefoot are my big issues, tongues can be swapped. Does anybody have any ideas for good, durable skates? Thanks for any help you can give.
  7. that back right pair has seen better days, haha
  8. if the kid was just skilled and wasn't a hot dog I have a feeling that it would be slightly more tolerable. I fall into the younger age group as well, playing in a rink that only has one league, and i usually turn down the intensity to the point where its almost boring. The only time where said end to end rushes are attempted is if were playing a really mouthy team, or were down by quite a bit.
  9. just picked up some minnesota wild 4 rolls and a vector helmet, with a visor that appears to have been dremeled at the top. its rougher than the bottom, so i doubt it came from the factory that way. pro stock, so who knows
  10. Needs more netting, for sure. Still trying to set up something like this myself, only instead of a fence, I've got woods, and a creek behind my target. Wonder if there's anywhere to get surplus army netting or fishing net that would hold up to pucks?
  11. I might see if Wissota would sell me the spare parts to modify a grinder, as that's basically what their machine is. If not, looks like I'll be saving my pennies for a while, or trying to get some friends to go in on it together.
  12. I'm aware this is a ridiculous idea, but I've got a stainless steel table about the size of a skate sharpener (1 inch thick), a few grinders, and I'm sick of driving 45 minutes to get a decent sharpening. Plus, im on a college student budget, so the drive over sucks. From what I can tell, ive got to come up with a blade holder, grinding wheel, and some way to dress the wheel. Has anyone made one before, and if so, how did it turn out? Thanks for any positive insight.
  13. two pairs of grafs in the same game picture, that hasnt happened for a while
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