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    Easton Mako
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    P91A, various shafts
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    Easton EQ Pro
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    Bauer 4500, RBE half-shield
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    Bauer Supreme One80
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    Warrior Bully
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    Easton... something? They're camo colored.
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    CCM V04
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    Nike Bauer something

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  1. What are your guys' thoughts on this? Seems like a pretty interesting take on the cateye.
  2. Malkin wore MLX as well around that same timeframe.
  3. Ok, well my 3rd pair of Makos is starting to come apart at the quarter package seam and I can't seem to find another pair in my size. The flexible tendon guard is easily my favorite feature... has anyone explored the option of adapting a Mako-style tendon guard to another skate?
  4. I've been on the hunt for backup pairs as well for the past couple years. Facebook marketplace has some sporadically, here's a 10.5 D pair if anyone needs... price is a bit nuts though considering... https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/548449069398782/
  5. Yep, I've been in Makos since they came out and end up losing a rivet or two about every month... just how it goes. Still my favorite skate by far though.
  6. Looks like Matt Murray of the Pens is in VH as well
  7. Goncgar also wore the MLX skates while he was in Pittsburgh. Malkin as we'll for a short time.
  8. Gretzky spotted in Mako2s! Found this picture on reddit from someone who attended fantasy camp.
  9. Add me to the stock holder/runner group, I moved from a Graf skate, so the transition was pretty smooth. 8'/10' Combo, Med forward pitch from No Icing.
  10. Just an FYI, No-Icing lists Mako steel in stock now. Just placed an order myself for steel and profile.
  11. Just ordered a pair off HM, anxiously awaiting their arrival.
  12. Im afraid I already know the answer to this, but... with heat molding is it possible to get the same heel shape as a Graf 705 (almost straight)? I love my 705s, but theyre starting to go soft so I'm looking at other/stiffer options.
  13. Just as a data point to add to the thread... I went from 3/8" to 90/75 and felt the edges were almost exactly the same, maybe more bite leaning towards 3/8", but just barely. The glide however, was like night and day. Way smoother with 90/75. I can glide a whole lap or more around the rink. I'm 140lbs and play in warmish Norcal rinks.
  14. Just got these in the mail today Not as cool as some of the prostock stuff here, but I think they're pretty slick.
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