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    2 pairs of custom Bauer APX2
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    CCM RBZ Pro, Easton RS2 Po, Easton Mako Pro Stock
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    Bauer Nexus 1000
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    CCM Vector
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  1. Hey Guys- Selling the following: Brand new, never opened pro-stock CCM Resistance Helmet, size small. https://www.hockeymonkey.com/ccm-hockey-helmet-resistance.html Price is $70 USD OBO Brand new, never opened pro-stock CCM VRP24 Visor (have a few of these) https://ccmhockey.com/en/product/accessories/player/visors/ccm-straight-certified-visor-spacer-0 Price is $70 USD OBO Brand new, never opened pro stock CCM PP8 Referee pants, have a few sizes, let me know what you are looking for https://ccmhockey.com/en/product/referee/player/pants-girdles/pp8l-referee-pant Price is $70 USD OBO I've got a lot of referee stuff kicking around between me and some buddies that work in The OHL that want to get rid of there stuff so if you need something that's listed above, let me know. Shipping is your cost to cover, I live in The GTA so if you want to meet up, I am also game for that. Prices can move- just want to get rid of this stuff. I have photos of this stuff but apparently I'm a fossil and don't know how to put them up. Also have a pair of black True Tongues with ML on one and KL on the other, they were on skates that were for someone whose shoe size 11/5 shoe. Were worn 5 times
  2. They are the leather/cloth ones. I find there is absolutely no lace bite with them at all and they aren't as rigid as the ones with protection in them. Plus, I'm a linesmen, if I'm blocking shots, there are serious problems.
  3. That someone just happens to be me haha.
  4. This one's not really an idiot ....well kind of You take a look at the "NHL" team logo and then the "NHL" logo on the back and tell me whats wrong with the advertisment. Hmm Newport beach...Lots of hockey there http://cgi.ebay.ca/USED-PRO-NHL-CCM-HELMET...bayphotohosting
  5. The colour scheme options for the 9500 are out of this world. Also, how come in the picture of the One95's there was the new less "sparkling" white Ls2 Power holders, but when you get down to the Holders the white one isn't an option in the LS2 Power?
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