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  1. Absolutely man! Have already planned on this, and can't wait to! Only reason I haven't been able to yet, is fact I gotta still keep it pretty much elevated 95% of my day. 2 weeks I start physically therapy, and within 2 weeks from that I'll be back at the rink. Boy, I'm getting chills just thinking about it! Thanks guys!
  2. Absolutely! My calf feels like half jello. Quite depressing, but can't get hung up on it, out of my control. I've always been in good shape, and had a good diet. Making sure now more then ever I take my vitamin/mineral supplement daily, and eat greens/ lots of healthy protein to heal up as fast as I can. That muscle will come back, not worried in the least. Been monitoring my weight, and I have not gained any, actually lost a few pounds but put it back on, and I'm at my regular weight, even though ive lost muscle.
  3. I have the option if I want. Got to see how they feel in my skate boot. Hopefully I won't notice them, but if so it's a small procedure to remove. Nothing close to what I've already endured. Time will tell,,,
  4. Update: Monday will mark exactly 1 month from my surgery. It really was a painful 2 weeks immediately following surgery. Alot of pain, discomfort, basically hell. Was taking alot of much needed pain meds and resting all the time. Found it very hard to sleep at night because I could only lay on my back with leg elevated.(Gets old FAST) Hard to shower, go to the bathroom, walk up and down stairs. EVERYTHING! At the 2 week mark, I went back to the doctor for post-op vist. He removed the hard cast, and examined the incision/wound and told me I healed ahead of schedule. Stitches were ready to come out. YAY! I was then X-rayed to make sure everything was in place (which they were) and got a big removable aircast boot. Was really happy because at least I now I have freedom to take it off if needbe, even though I still wear it 23 hours a day...its the idea I guess. Have been instructed to be performing slight ankle pumps twice a day, which is to prevent scar tissue from forming, and increase mobility. Mind you, I can barely move my ankle, but every day I feel it gaining some strength/feeling. Still need to keep my ankle elevated about 90% of the day, but the swelling has gone down considerably. Monday, I start to put 10% weight on it, which I'm sure is gonna feel pretty weird. In another 2 weeks, I will be starting my physical therapy! All in all, it's been the hardest injury I've ever gone through. I think the hardest part about it, is that I can't play puck. Doing everything I can to make this recovery a fast one. A few pictures... My foot about a week after injury...Nasty! Post surgery Cast... X-ray Post op showing plates/screws... Stitches out. Healing up... Aircast boot now. Keeping the hands moving!
  5. Only time will tell. But I did just contact them about it, and they said if there was a problem on the order, warrior would have contacted them.
  6. Ordered mine in Feb with Digital palms...no issues.
  7. And I'm sure there's not too much unprotected, cause those elbows ride up,half the bicep anyway!
  8. Crazy how big RBK/JOFA elbows are! Shoulder pads that don't have adjustable bicep guards are outta the question!
  9. Been using PM9's my whole life too, time for change, it's not doing it for me anymore.
  10. How have you adjusted to the Sakic when coming from PM9? Likes/Dislikes? Preference?
  11. These are TOOOOOOOOO Fng Fresh!!!!
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