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  1. Only time will tell. But I did just contact them about it, and they said if there was a problem on the order, warrior would have contacted them.
  2. Ordered mine in Feb with Digital palms...no issues.
  3. And I'm sure there's not too much unprotected, cause those elbows ride up,half the bicep anyway!
  4. Crazy how big RBK/JOFA elbows are! Shoulder pads that don't have adjustable bicep guards are outta the question!
  5. Been using PM9's my whole life too, time for change, it's not doing it for me anymore.
  6. How have you adjusted to the Sakic when coming from PM9? Likes/Dislikes? Preference?
  7. These are TOOOOOOOOO Fng Fresh!!!!
  8. All around bad ebayer... Horrible communication. Sent me an initial reply. Hasn't responded to my messages here there after. Also read bad feedback...
  9. Wudeva...4500's All Day! ^_^
  10. Those are Really dope! Wow!
  11. Zetterberg & PM9's Strictly !
  12. The Current Twig Stash...
  13. That's similar to what I've found. Though they do get back to your questions, the answers seem to be quick and brushed off. For a $200+ & almost 3 month wait, I hate to have my gloves come in wrong. Even if it's as minor as a slight strip of carbon. Just me though...
  14. Sticks by them just felt different. I can't explain. Since picking up 2 S19's, and an ST, they didn't quite have that old Easton feel. Remember this? Unfortunately some kid 2-handed me on a breakaway, and that's the end of that now.
  15. That's Nice Scotty! Is it me? Or do they not make Eastons, like they use to.
  16. Not gonna knock em till I try em, but just picked up a pair of Vapor X40s about a month ago and I love um!
  17. Everyone's lovin the Reebok shins! Fill me in...why they so good, and what am I missing? lol
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