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  1. Hey I'm working on a project for a buddy who has played for some obscure teams, I want to get him his old jerseys to frame. I remember like 10 years ago someone posted a guy in North America who did this sort of thing. I'm coming up pretty blank right now finding store fronts that do this sort of work without a minimum. Also am not concerned about any tech fabrics and such, am fine with 2005 style full weight jerseys.
  2. Then don't clip his head if he would have hit him if he was upright. If you're going for the body but catch his head that's one thing. Cooke's hit certainly did not look like that was the case.
  3. First of, let me say congrats again to David, he is living the dream... coming from totally under the radar to being a first star of the night in the NHL with a big game.. He was in the right place at the right time for one of those goals, but that is what got the job done. Unlike us its is his job. For many of us it is to late but it is still an inspirational story to be able to come that far. The fact is we don't know all the hard work he's put in. He's made the NHL, and he is making an impact so far. I don't know his full background story,in fact I've only posted once or twice in this thread because he was in a hockey game I play, I saw the thread had a lot of discussion and wanted to let him know, to me I would say you've made it pretty far to be in a video game... Look how far he's come now... (I bet he's in NHL 08 etc now) The only reason I checked on the thread because I can actually catch a Wings on TV and wanted to get some MSH perspective on the game. He may not post here anymore (I don't know, I don't keep track) but I've seen a few posts from his brother but I bet he still keeps up and I'm sure he tells him the response he gets... I do think its cool and totally awesome that he was a member and I would hate to see "us" tarnish it and not have him come back at all. The fact of the matter is he has contributed and posted I for one would like to see that keep happening. I'm sure at some point MSH might do a chat or a question and answer session with him or something along those lines and its not often we would have the opportunity to get that type of inside info on the life of a NHL hockey player... I'm sure JR would be able to set something up... I'd just hate to see that ruined. It adds to the to the quality of the board. I'm a Wings fan, he was a large part in the Blues win. Despite the loss I would like to see him be a success in the league. I am not going to hate on him because of it. I am not going to pretend to know him.. Some people may be to critical because they do know him I don't know, HeHateMeFrisbee said he's a friend on the Wings Message Board maybe that is where he was coming from. I love this site it's helped me a lot. We are here to help each other and have good hockey debates. We have all the inside info on gear now we have an opportunity to also get the info on the pro level from a players perspective. We should all be supportive and cheer him on. Go David. They mentioned on VS. that he was living in a hotel for a while. It was probably his second home compared to the rink, with how hard he is probably working on his skills over in st. louis. He probably doesn't even have a computer at this point.
  4. Starts and stops? ;) J/k you're obviously doing something right, you're in the Q and I'm not...
  5. I know prostitutes sell their bodies for more than 5 dollars. ;)
  6. What about the paragons? The split style ones like blake wears, are they still making those?
  7. Are the tacks gone for good? I was getting some vapor xxx baked today at my LHS and one of the guys said they weren't going to make the tacks for 2 years, but I wasn't sure if that meant AT LEAST two years or if they are already planning on bringing them back.
  8. I've figured out kovalev's true calling. Golf. Not only does this guy have crazy forearms, but for golf, he can take his time, be pretty, take some more time, and wait until the perfect moment. Right temperature, right wind speed, and right lunar position and make a good shot. He'll be big time competition for tiger for sure.
  9. If I were you, I would've kept driving down the left side...if he gives you a lane to the outside, try to vary your speed then "out-quick" him when he gaps-up and cut back to the middle once you get behind him. If he tries to cut you off or drive you further away from center, put a little move on him and try to catch him going to wrong way. By coming to the middle, you're making his life MUCH easier, as he doesn't have to decide when/where to get himself positioned infront of you. You have no angle on him. Just some constructive criticism/something to think about. Just for reference, do you remember how that particular 1-1 worked-out for you? Looking at the picture, I can't really tell if he's biting or if he's crossing-over/getting his feet set. If he was biting, you had more than enough room to read it/get by him. Getting set? I think you're best bet then would have been to try using him as a screen (even though it looks like the puck was on-end) That d-man's gap sucked. You had all the room in the world. I would have used him as a screen and busted my ass to the net.
  10. not really, only rented twice on that note heres another pic from that same day woah... what the heck is that jersey, and what is an old out of use vancouver logo doing on a Rbk practice sweater??? That's pretty sweet.
  11. What happened to the shift 2's? Is anybody selling them?
  12. the customizer is working, go into there, and it tells you about the palms.
  13. it would cause a bunch of stuff in the blade to bunch up and crap. So... you CAN, but it would be a mess.
  14. Was it a new z-carbon? and how well did it hold up? most people say you can't curve a graphite blade... you mean how long did it take the coach to break it against the wall? :lol:
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