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    CCM U+40
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    Warrior bentley 70 flex
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    Graf Europa 300
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    Re 7K, Oakley strait clear

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    The "Live Free Or Die" (NH)
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  1. Vader Gloves!! To bad i also need a 13.
  2. People who make fun of other people for the level or age of their equipment. Its mostly high school kids that i have witnessed do this but a few adults as well. Who cares if it old or not Pro Stock its about the love of the game right?
  3. I have to say that i don't think this has ever happened to me. (well not that i know of at least.) Not only is it rude its kinda gross. " Ya i don't need your herp. Thanks!"
  4. . We are always looking for a puck. But the last time i brought one i never got it back. so i stoped bringing them. The last time i played a kid looked at me " Hey did you bring a puck?"
  5. I was just hanging out at the rink the other day and heard a mom try to tell another one to get a helmet one size to big because "they are overpriced anyhow. And he can grow into it." When i said " " Thats a bad idea" I was told to mind my own business.
  6. UPDATE Helmet: Reebok 6k WH/SIL Visor: Oakley strait cut Gloves: Retail WARRIOR Bonafide 13" Shins: CCM U+ Stick: Warrior Bently, Reebok Ai5 P87A 65grip Pants:Bauer One 40 Elbow:Bauer One 40 Skates: Skates CCM U+ 04 Shoulder:Bauer One 40
  7. Same here. And thats with a two rink building.
  8. Retail Warrior Bonafide 13". Not bad for $80.00
  9. Wow that sucks. And that shows others that its ok to do that crap.
  10. We have a pick up every Wed at 12 noon. And this is how it always goes. Its a shit show most of the time.
  11. Ahhhh sorry, Im a older guy not in the "know" i guess. LOL..
  12. Forgive me for not knowing. What is IW ?
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