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  • Skates
    Bauer X:60
  • Stick
    T90 ops, EQ50 shaft with APX blade, pro stock One95 dressed as a totalone
  • Gloves
    Warrior Franchise custom
  • Helmet
    Nike 0004
  • Pants
    Sherwood RM19
  • Shoulder Pads
    Sherwood Classics
  • Elbow Pads
    Bauer 1000
  • Shin Pads
    Bauer Comp
  • Hockey Bag
    Team custom

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    Calgary, AB
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  1. Summer league All Star game, slacking on defense
  2. just about, theyre honestly about equal to the tip of my toebox
  3. Only half decent pic I can find, Im the guy with the puck and this was during a beer league tourny in my hometown so the jerseys were just black
  4. Brand new Rawlings gloves in size 14.5" (comes with black palms)
  5. Thanks man, they were definitely diamonds in the rough at that sale. I dont actually think they were player issue, probably staff issue like trainers and stuff. Great steal for $25
  6. Not as far as I know. And yes the shoes say "Our" on one fot, "Time" on the other
  7. If the Josi was RH, It would already be taped haha. Great stick and curve. Ive had alot of interest in the XXXXs too already. Ones mine and ones the gfs so theres only one spare. Well see
  8. I probably bumped into you there without even knowing it. I was there at 10 and at 1 (went to get more apparel)
  9. My gfs and mine pickups from the HC sale: Bouwmeester Warrior Widow (NEW) (LH) "Josi 2" Warrior Covert (NEW)(LH) Kellar Vapor 40 (NEW) (LH) (Hellen Kellar prostock?....beat you to it) Beach Stealth CNT (NEW) (RH) ... 3x Vapor XXXX pro gloves (1-15", 2-14") Bauer Supreme 5000 gloves (14") Bauer 4500 Bauer 7500 with Bauer pro series visor Team Issue shoes Not pictured: ALOT of apparel, and a 5500 with visor
  10. thats sick. I was talking to our rep the other day and he said theyre stoked for it to hit shelves
  11. Is that a legit RBZ or a painted CL?
  12. Ive always been a sucker for the navy/baby blue color scheme. Im always trying to get tournament team jerseys like that just so I can get some gloves as an excuse haha
  13. met with a guy from kijiji about a pro stock totalone stick he was selling, turns out the guy is a former NHLer and current player over in the Swiss league. I bought his stick for $100 and made a new contact for gear
  14. Thats awesome. I remember seeing that posted somewhere else a long time ago. its a great idea
  15. Hockey Canada is having an Equipment Sale this Wednesday June 20th at Canada Olympic Park in Calgary at 11am. Rink A, cash only. heres a list of what they are selling (about 50% gear and 50% apparel) Couldnt get prices though helmet helmet with visor gloves shins shoulders pants goalmask jerseybags sticks t-shirt/golfshirt sweater tracksuit (full or split) sweat pants shoes winterjackets feature jackets (olympics, wjc, etc) vests underarmour
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