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    CCM FT 385
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    CCM Resistance 100
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    Warrior Hussler Pro Stock
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    CCM U+ 12
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  1. went to my LHS and saw they had some repaired Pro stock gloves. I have a set of gloves that needs some patching done just like this. Has anyone here done anything like this and / or know of what patch material is good or was use? What have you used to patch up equipment? Thanks. https://drive.google.com/open?id=1reIk8IHHVJJVPYcZfk2QTao6t_oCnoYf
  2. I was using the V8 and I went to the Resistance 110 which is now the Tacks 110. It was a good fit and i did not notice much of a difference for me. Play with the adjusting system to find the right tightness though. but I would recommend if you cant find a V8.
  3. I don't know if this has been covered or if some one could point out if this has been covered/ asked but Iv been doing some thinking (and looking at new sticks to buy) and I was wondering if there was a Kick to Flex correlation that could be used when going from Mid Kick to Low Kick sticks. Example - Using a Mid Kick at 100 flex has same accuracy and puck speed as low kick at 85. Or reverse the flexes. Or am I just off my rocker?
  4. I was wondering How the Ultra Tacks pants in XL fit vs. the HPUCLP or HP45 Models?
  5. I recently switched to the Bauer Supreme 190 from the CCM Tacks. I was in a Size 8D in the Tacks and I got a 8EE in Supreme and they feel about the same, Supremes feel a bit more snug in a good way. I did try going down in sizes when I tried on the Supremes but they didn't feel as comfortable out of the box.
  6. Any one have a date for the Anaheim pro stock sale? I'm flying out from AZ and I'm just waiting for a date!
  7. hockey monkey is now selling the 2014/15 home and away ducks socks.
  8. does anyone know where I can fine some Ducks Pro Stock Socks. Im looking for Last years 3rd color and this years Home and away colors?
  9. Thanks ID. Maybe Ill buy some LS2 holders then.
  10. I just got some new Bauer Vapor X70 skates? Any news when there will be Step steel for the LS Edge?
  11. Here are some pictures that my dad took for me a few weeks ago
  12. New to the forum, happy to be here!

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