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  1. I have been on my VH's for almost 2 months now. Mine have been great from day one although I had one issue with heel slip but after a 2nd heat mould they have been perfect. Durability wise still holding up great! I may not be as picky as some people on this forum but I have really enjoyed my customs. Measurements might leave room for error if you don't know how to measure I guess... It's not rocket science. They may be pickier because they pay for their gear!
  2. Alright so I've skated in these for the past few weeks and all I have to say is wow. Fit has been great. Had some issues with heel slip but re baked and that's fixed. I've always been a fluid skater I feel like I'm even more so now with the VH skates. The boot itself doesn't feel very stiff but once your all laced up it's unreal. I could skate for hours now where as before an hour ice session would kill my feet to the point I couldn't wait to get off the ice. I changed my profile up a bit but didn't notice to much of a difference. Durability wise I believe these well hold up fine, I got the white accents so obviously these are going to get marked up quicker than black would but the material itself is hardy enough to hold up to abuse. I'm still amazed with what Scott did with 5 measurements and a couple pictures, these skates are identical to my feet in every way. Bottom line I would recommend these to anyone who has had skate issues, I'm extremely happy I took the plunge after 20 years of playing I have skates that fit, what a revelation. They solved all my issues, so much so that before next year I'll probably order another pair of VH's because I won't be skating on anything else. Not really a review just some feedback after some great skates in these.
  3. Just got off the ice. These skates are unbelievable. Zero pain, first skate, I've never had that. I was concerned that they felt a bit soft but that sure wasn't the case they have all the support of a bauer boot IMO. Just amazed at the moment! Oh and the runners are blackedge I just put the logos to the inside.
  4. Drumroll...... Finally showed up! Baked and done. Fantastic fit, fantastic product, I'm more than happy with this purchase! I'll snap more pics later I gotta get back to work lol!
  5. Lucky!! Mine are going to be here Monday! Hopefully you don't have to send them back to be repaired. Fire up a pic of your new jets!
  6. Haha mine are in elk grove!
  7. Sure hope it's not the same tracking number lol!
  8. Dude. That's weird as heck. Mine say the exact same thing. Same time date and location... maybe our skates are cruising around together lol October 30, 2013 , 12:46 am Processed Through Sort Facility ISC CHICAGO IL (USPS)
  9. Full gear bud. I'm driving down Monday I think and I'll be in town all week. Most recent update on my tracking. There in Chicago lol pretty far away. Throw some pics up of your skates!
  10. Normally my modus operandi as well but needed to get the cash in. Luckily I found my old vapor XXX's in the garage. Retro styles for a week I guess!
  11. Mine apparently are in Mississauga now? Just called to find out that they are nowhere near where they are supposed to be. Worse than that. I sold the only skates I had to wear besides them yesterday. Have hockey tonight and tomorrow and a 4 game tourney this weekend. No skates. Safe to say today is not my day. Enjoy yours Dave! I'll be in cowtown next week we should hook up for a skate. If I have skates by than that is!
  12. Skates are supposed to be arriving today. The anticipation is killing me!
  13. Ladd has switched over to VH
  14. Hello all, Selling some of my shafts and blades that I won't ever get around to using. Tapered and standard. Most of them have been used a once or twice or not at all! All prices will be OBO and shipping is not included in the prices. Any questions go ahead and PM me. If buying more than one obviously we can work something out! Thanks! 1/ Easton Mako Tapered 85 Flex Non-Grip. 2 of these. $40 each. 54" / 53" 2/ Easton Synthesis Grip Tapered Shaft 110 Flex. 2 of these. $40 each. 52" 3/ Warrior Dolomite Non Grip 85 Flex. $45. 53" 4/ Easton SE16 Tapered Grip 85 Flex. 2 of these. $55 Each. 53" 5/ Easton SE16 Tapered Non-Grip 85 Flex. $55. 53" 6/ INNO 2000 Jason Blake Standard 100 Flex Non Grip $40. 48" / 50" With extension. 7/ INNO 1200 Non-Grip 100 Flex. $30. 48" 8/ Mission Flyweight Pro Stock Standard Non-Grip 100 Flex. $55. 53" Now Blades! All Left Handed 1/ Base Hockey Tapered Blade Z-TAC Coating P92 NEW. 2 of these. $40 Each 2/ Base Hockey Tapered Blade Clear Coat P92 NEW. 2 of these. $40 Each. 3/ Paul Kariya Standard Blade. Modano Curve NEW. 3 of these. $20 Each.
  15. Lol christmas eve for a week!!
  16. Haven't heard anything back on mine yet. I'm only 11 days past order date though. I'm too excited!!
  17. Nah I'm going to try no icing sports' sharpen by mail program for a month or two and see if that works out!
  18. Sent all my measurements and pictures in for sizing. Color wise I went both accents white. With LS2 holders, Black Edge runners waiting for their arrival! I'm fairly excited
  19. Helmet: CCM V08 Pro Stock W/ Bauer HS22 Tinted Visor Elbow: Reebok 8K Pro Gloves: Eagle X51 Customs Pants: Reebok 9K Girdle , Various Shells Shins: Reebok 8K Pro Skates: SOON TO BE VH CUSTOM Sticks: Eleven Custom Woodys (Best sticks out there for the dollar IMO)
  20. Order placed this morning!!
  21. S-11-288's. I have the same problem nobody in my area can sharpen on a consistent basis. Went to T-blades for consistency.
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