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  1. Hey guys I know that it is stupid question, but sorry one more time -))) I'm between easton cxn holder and ccm sb4.0 for my new pair of VH I was fine with both of these last 2 years (cxn on makos and vhs, and sb on ccm tacks) I like "soft" feeling of cxn, but at the same time I like edge hold of sb, and I believe that SB holder exactly lighter than cxn... I'm affraid of the stiffness of sb holder + stiffness vh carbon boot will bring too much stiffness for me As well, I'm not sure that geometrical parameters of cxn and sb are the same, I feel that cxn has a little bit aggressive stance.. Thanks in advance!
  2. Finally got my X01! I have some beginner questions: 1. How often should I dress the wheel? Or how can I realise that it's time to dress? 2. What should I do to get really smooth result? Cuz now my blades sharpen little bit "wavy"... Is there some way to get smooth surface probably? Thanks in advance!
  3. Guys How long it usually takes to reach parcel from Winnipeg to Pittsburgh? I'm waiting for around 2 weeks... -(
  4. What's happened with leather area around pinky toe? Is it non-stitched peace of leather?
  5. Yes I did Thank you, again But I've already answered to you - it's impossible to replace by official way I'm trying to find the way to repair not to replace
  6. Sorry for double post I've decided to move my question in the current thread Got some issues with my Makos after 7 months of using them, around 2-3 times per week The crack is where silver carbon meets plastic upper of boot, above heel and from outer side of foot It happened with both of boots, crack on right boot is deeper Exactly I'm not alone who face with such thing Here is some pics to describe:
  7. Is there anybody know the story about molding time? These ones (like my own Makos) has on box this instruction - 10 min at 92c http://www.ebay.com/itm/Pro-Stock-Easton-Mako-Skates-8-5-D-/190830083259?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item2c6e5bfcbb But these ones want 16 min at the same temperature: http://www.ebay.com/itm/Easton-Mako-Skates-Size-8-5-D-New-In-Box-/171030103156?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item27d2304474 What is the difference?! They are have a same size! Is there any ideas?
  8. Does anybody knows when release date for rbz skates will?
  9. Man, if they put it $300 they would sell everything for 2 days -) I would not use that kind of logic for the current situation cuz we're speaking about entry to the market
  10. Guys, quick question - is there same size of RS and Mako?
  11. Does anybody know when Easton starts to sell Mako skates?
  12. Few of mine On ice from behind: One more, I'm with Craig MacTavish while on of semifinals on Hockey Championship 2010 at Cologne:
  13. Here is my photos from last game at saturday (#19) 1 - Playing in defence 2 - On the faceoff 3 - timeout
  14. Helmet: Itech HC100 Gloves: MIA MB22 15", Mission L7 15", Mission Warp4 14" Shoulder: Jofa/RBK 8k Elbows: Jofa/RBK 8k Pants: Easton ZAir Shins: Jofa/RBK 8k Skates, Mission S500 Sticks: Easton Synergy ST, Inno 1100, Montreal woody.
  15. what does it say at the top of your innovative? nice sticks though! It means EFSI. It is written in Russian. They the Russian manufacturer. If I am not mistaken, Igor Larionov a member of board or the co-owner. EFSI has some models of gloves Eagle and MIA. EFSI
  16. My sticks My gear
  17. Hey, Kubs, are you played with CSKA Moscow Hockey Club? What year of a birth there were these children? Who has won? ;-)
  18. It's me.. http://foto.mail.ru/inbox/d.spiridonov/1/s-5.jpg
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