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  1. The tendon guards were replaced over a month ago. The owner of my LHS said that he had problems taking the old ones off but not putting the new ones on. I didn't notice a difference when skating, and I've had no problems with them. 🤷‍♂️
  2. My LHS was able to replace the tendon guards on my VH skates from 2016. They're the same as these ones. I bought a couple pairs of replacement tongues from the same shop to which I linked, since my LHS could only get one of the five kinds available. I'm planning to sell the tongues that didn't work for me to try to make some of my money back.
  3. Actually, the TF Pro size guide suggests a small (6-8) in those whereas the Standard Felt size guide suggests a medium (7-8).
  4. After looking more closely at the True tongues at Max-Performance, I think the tongues that I tried at my LHS were not the Standard Felt ones but the T-Guard Felt ones. The T-Guard probably adds a little extra thickness. That and the new felt may be what caused my skates to feel tighter. If I want to try the T-Guard, the TF Pro tongues may be better. If I want the closest to what I have now, the Standard Felt ones are it. Size medium in either.
  5. I don’t. I just swapped one in the store to try it. I don’t recall seeing a number on it. Although, maybe the tiny round sticker that I thought was an L was a 7. I’ve ordered other things from them before, and I was inspired to ask about size here based on their size guide. I wonder if the medium in the Lightweight or TF Pro tongues would fit better than the Standard Felt tongue did for me. The tongues that I have now (from 2016) look somewhat like the Lightweight one.
  6. My LHS can only get standard felt tongues. I tried them, but they feel wider and thicker than my current ones, and they made my skates feel quite a bit tighter. I’d like to try some others. How do you determine what size tongue to order? My VH skates (2016) have no size on them. The Lightspeed Edge holders on them are 272. My previous skates were Bauer One75 in size 8.5. Thanks!
  7. I have 3 of the same sticks that I rotate. I take 1 and 2 to a skate; then 2 and 3; then 3 and 1; then repeat.
  8. I can find the VR24 (certified), VR25 (uncertified), and VRP25 (uncertified) for about the same price. Are the optics different among them? Which one would you buy and why?
  9. I just ordered VH skates yesterday. After research and my fitting, I'm sure they'll be amazing. But, did I just order outdated skates? VH just updated their line in September 2015.
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