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  1. We looked at the Hyperlite Shoulder pads. Not a good design. Look on top by the caps and you will see a red plastic piece. That plastic is also on the underside unpadded. My daughter felt that plastic on her shoulder and immediately took them off. It's on the 3X Pro version also. What was Bauer thinking?
  2. Guys thanks for the comments. My Bantam daughter went a different direction in the Bauer Supreme 3S. The FT4 fit fine but she just didn't like how flimsy they felt. The new Tacks have a float to the chest piece and it sticks out at the bottom by the stomach. Not a great design and she does not have a big stomach pushing it out. The caps on last years Tacks wrap around the front a bit and catch on stride. Yea she's picky. But the Supremes are light and mobile and actually fit her the best also. Just wanted to give a quick update as folks were kind enough to comment.
  3. If you have the FT4 Pro, can you comment on how protective it really is. The mobility is outstanding and the caps and collar seem fine but the thin foam body seems like it would not be protective at all. Compared to say the 3D Printed foams on the Tacks mid lines and up, it seems like it just wouldn't do much blocking shots or taking errant sticks? Thanks.
  4. We've bought Warrior all along until now for the same reason. My daughter was ready to move on from the Jr stick/blade. Went to Bauer 50 Flex for the full size blade. She's 13 but not that tall so we can't cut down a 55 without it getting too stiff. The full size P88 curve is essentially identical to the Warrior Jr W88 only bigger so a very short adjustment period. The mid-line Vapor I found on true clearance had held up well. I found a couple of more and stocked up!
  5. Interesting if LS3 is the same alloy and hardness as Step. You would think EQM’s wouldn’t bother with Step. A former NHL EQM swears by Step over anything stock from Bauer. In reality, the right radius and hollow with a good edge will mean more than the brand of steel. Might just have to get it sharpened a bit more. At least the LS3 has a good amount of steel to keep the radius intact since it changes with sharpening. Maybe the new Bauer steel will be an improvement. But good steel still doesn’t fix lousy sharpening which is still a problem at many LHS.
  6. I’m surprised Step lost. That’s like the automotive industry preventing aftermarket parts to be sold. You have to wonder if the extra time is to try to negotiate a longer term agreement. I would think Bauer would not want to alienate the pros over this.
  7. Skinnier foot but at the ankle bone on up he's thicker with some decent size calves. It's up above the ankle where he was having the issue. He is getting adjusted to it. I think part of it is it's a new boot and up at the first eyelet it's still stiffer than his old boot so a combination of less wrap around the lower leg and tougher to get as snug in general. He definitely fills out the top of the vapor boot around that first eyelet more than the supreme. To me, it looks like he'd have more support. Now he doesn't even take his old skates as a contingency. He says forward flex is fine. I would think you are flexing more against the laces if the sides don't wrap quite as much which also might be what he's getting used to. For all his picky crap with tying them just perfect he's got no foot issues in the boot, no slip, no pain, no hot spots, and no movement which I guess if you have to have an issue with a new skate, getting them tied like you like them is better than having foot pain to address!
  8. I agree but it's just the top two eyelets. I think part of it is it doesn't come up as high as the Supreme and might be tricking him into thinking there's less support in addition to not wrapping quite as much there. Skinny lower volume foot with a bigger lower leg/calf makes wrap at the top more challenging. He did a loop on the top two eyelets to snug them up a bit more. Otherwise he's played a few games and had some practices and he still says nothing hurts and no hot spots and they are really comfortable. He says forward flex is fine and honestly maybe it's mental for him but he seems to be faster, got his feet moving quicker. Maybe having a really snug fitting and stiff boot is helping him. He's got the XLTX Pro + SMU version which is an x800 boot with some higher line features. Pretty stiff but he says beyond the boot itself the tongue in particular (which is from x900) is really comfortable.
  9. Heel lock is not the issue, The only issue for him is looseness at the top one to two eyelets where it doesn't wrap quite the same as his old supremes and he likes it snugger there. That is what he is trying to snug up, not the instep moving to the ankle. That is fine. Part of that could maybe just be new boot stiffness. These are definitely stiffer than his old supremes which have significant wear and were not this stiff even when new. The foot part is perfect and there is no slip or movement even without trying to get those top two eyelets tighter. He didn't really notice it until he got on the ice. Walking around was fine. But it bothered him, especially laying the skates over on tight turns.
  10. My son has wore Supremes forever. He had his foot profiled and surprisingly it came back vapor at all the points except the ankle wrap which was medium (Supreme) on one foot. So he tried on some vapors and we bought them. His toes barely scrape and he has no hot spots or slip and he says they fit great. His only complaint is.....the wrap. He's used to the greater ankle wrap he gets from the Supreme and says they feel a little loose up top and he's trying to get them tied tighter. I know there's no way to fix that but is that something he will eventually just get used to (I hope) because otherwise the fit seems perfect? I thought about having him use a loop to get it a bit snugger up top? Or if the fit is perfect otherwise keep skating in them and they'll be OK? They've been baked once; would another tying it tighter with a loop maybe help?
  11. Those are LS5's. One of the online retail stores mentioned the LS2+ and LS3+ blades come on the skates only. If it's powder coated, will it wear off and how quickly when the person sharpening hones the edge meaning the cosmetics are quickly gone? Which brings me back to is it even as "good" as the plain LS2 or LS3 steel All-new this year is the LightSpeed 2+ black steel. This is a Sports Excellence exclusive, which means you can only find it on the Ignite Pro skate model. Players looking to buy this steel “aftermarket” are out of luck - It is only found on this skate. "LS2+ has a 9-foot radius and is covered in a matte black powder coating which is a very popular look in today’s game. It is durable, maintains an edge, and just plain looks nice. It’ll give players who don’t want to shell out $950 for the 2S Pro skates with LS5 carbon an opportunity to have that same look at a more-affordable price."
  12. They come standard on some of the new skates. Not available for replacement purchase. Just trying to figure out if it’s worth paying a few more $ for the Bauer skates with regular LS steel instead of their skates made special for local shops that have the black steel.
  13. Are these just cosmetic black offered as exclusives to the discount chains? These are not true Carbon steel correct? Are they as good as the standard LS2/LS3 offerings? Does the black wear off and look like crap after a while?
  14. What’s the deal with the blade? Is the foam core now softer, maybe for feel? Ice warehouse shows soft core not hard core in all models in the specs.
  15. Be interesting on the 160. The One60 was Polyurethane and then Bauer went to tech Nylon for the One.6. Now it's back to PU. I'm not sure the One60 was that great of a skate, anecdotally stiff and uncomfortable but the One.6 seemed to be quite popular and my son likes it. I hope Bauer didn't mess up the 160 by going back. PU should be more substantial but hopefully not at the cost of comfort. Maybe the real "bargain" becomes the 170. But if it ends up on the stiff side, my son won't want to wear it. He picked the One.6 over the One.7. Comfort prevailed.
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