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  1. Hi Petter Can I ask a question not related to the post but since your in the development team i thought I’d try & sneak it in. Is there any plans to offer different steel for the ice holder like DLC?
  2. My skate size is a 9 as well & have ordered the large, best to follow marsblade recommendation. i have tried different chassis that where a size down from what it should have been & they feel tippy, not saying that’s how marsblades would feel though. You could probably get away with it using only the heel rocker customisation so you don’t feel like your tipping over your toes?
  3. He needed to get these out before marsblade launches the R1, now his definitely going to need back up from one of the hockey companies.
  4. At that price I jumped on the preorder as well!
  5. I came across the same problem , the outsole on my old Nike’s just crumbled away.Once it starts the whole lot will just chip away definitely not repairable.
  6. I have a opportunity to buy some LS edge holders with step black steel second hand but in good condition but after reading this thread I am having second thoughts. Will all LS edge holders eventually end up with this problem? Need some advice before I drop some decent coin on them.
  7. Thx Per I will send you a email. Actually you guys are going to supply me with some just checked my email,thx for the quick customer service & looking after me
  8. I been trying to download a photo but having some problems trying to do it off my iPhone. The leaf is to far gone with every game its becoming more warped at the end where it’s cracked.I need urgent replacement & have messaged marsblade for some.
  9. I can move the front blade out a little & in a touch & if I look at the leaf either side has a slight bow & one side has a separation of the top layer about a inch & a half long.
  10. Has anyone broken or cracked a leaf spring? i have cracked one & now I am getting slight movement at the toe blade. should there be absolutely no movement at the front or is some minor compression ok? maybe Per can anwser the last question.
  11. Per confirmed that they where going to release a game version of the current plastic chassis late fall but maybe they have had a set back?
  12. Did you guys make black steel for the CXN mako holders or only the step steel?
  13. I think your right on second looks , proto alloy marsblades
  14. Had a look at his page couldn’t find them?
  15. That’s good news looks like I will start putting some coin aside can’t wait!!
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