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  1. Hole pattern is same as Tuuk/Bauer , CCM also use same pattern. Check the size on your existing holder , for example I have a 8.5 boot which uses the 272 holder size (CCM equivalent 271) so I ordered the marsblade 272 holders.
  2. I like how the steel has nothing attached to it like the first gen did, it leaves open the possibility for different steel in the future.(DLC , Mirror finish)
  3. These where sold as a 8.75 left boot & a 9 right boot but the left boot is stamped as a 8.5. New Tuuk holders with all copper rivets & step DLC quad zero profiled with a 5/8 hollow. The steel has only had 2 ice sessions , spare set of steel Tydan mirror finish. No cracks in carbon ,mako II insoles in good condition & mako II tongue glued on ,no felt in toe box. Usual knicks from game use but boot overall has plenty of life left, with spare set of tendon guards. Asking $300 USD which includes shipping from Australia,(shipping alone is $50 USD) PayPal payment only .
  4. Reminds me of the Easton CXN holders,do you know if they will be available in black?
  5. Let's get this thread going , new ice holder out on the 15th!
  6. That’s more of a personal decision , I liked the most rocker when I was using them as I couldn’t feel the benefits of the lesser options.
  7. So I gather there will be no interchangeable parts between FE & the new version?
  8. There was a mention of different runner options that they where working on but I have not heard of anything regarding the FE holder & even the post on the ice holders has died off.
  9. What’s happened with the F1 holder does not look like it has caught on ? No talk about it & I don’t think any pros are using either?
  10. When I compare them to DLC step steel I can feel the difference in glide. It would be a nice addition to have the option for DLC runners.
  11. I was hoping for some new steel like a DLC , I like the current holders but not the steel.
  12. The article mentions that a new steel blade is coming in 2021 are they referring the new steel option for the runners?
  13. They are well & truly gone passed there due date & irreparable! Shout yourself either a new pair of skates or chassis if money is a issue.
  14. The break in of the bush won’t allow for more travel it will just flex better. The inserts is what would give it more travel & I think they might be limited as to how much rocker they can get out of a insert without modifying the chassis as they are already thin?
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