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  1. My subscription is coming up for renewal on the 9th but I want to cancel i am having problems as my manage purchase/ subscription page has no icon for cancel the only thing that resembles cancel is a red cross which does not active by tapping on it, am I missing something?
  2. In my opinion the only skate that is similar but improved is the true Tf9/7 & custom.
  3. It's in the mounting leaflet that comes with the Sprungs to have them fitted 1/4 towards the rear of centre.
  4. Sprungs are more comparable to the MB R1's then the O1's, they feel nothing like the O1's. O1's for training & R1's for roller hockey, Sprungs are more fragile then the R1's & in my opinion don't offer a advantage over the R1's.
  5. The O1's are the nearest experience to ice that your ever going to get , my reference to the R1 was that they are tuned for Roller hockey & they have a different feel to them. Buy the O1's & you won't regret it.
  6. For thin outsoles you can use T nut " short" as there are 2 sizes which are used in football helmets so they are easy to find in football gear shops, these T nuts are the same that where used on the MLX skates.You will need 8/32 grade 10 button head screws. With this set up you will not have to use 14 as they are very strong , make sure to use blue locktight. Thicker outsoles use regular stainless steel T nuts 6/32. Done this on all my franken boots & never had a problem.
  7. The rocker movement is in the heel & the toe is fixed so I would assume that the inserts do not effect the pitch. Try profiling the blade if you want a forward pitch.
  8. Thanks Per that explains it , I was thinking along the first edition holders mechanics.
  9. I received my marsblade holders yesterday yet to skate on them but it seems that they operate a little differently then the first generation holders. The first gen had a torsion leaf to act as a spring where as the I2 doesn't have any spring effect & to my knowledge seems to be in the rocker effect position by default? Maybe someone or Per can chime in on this but the only way I can get movement out of the heel is by pulling the blade down with my hands so when you stand in them they are in the compressed stage of the flex with no spring effect to drop them back down , this is with the most rocker setting.
  10. Hole pattern is same as Tuuk/Bauer , CCM also use same pattern. Check the size on your existing holder , for example I have a 8.5 boot which uses the 272 holder size (CCM equivalent 271) so I ordered the marsblade 272 holders.
  11. I like how the steel has nothing attached to it like the first gen did, it leaves open the possibility for different steel in the future.(DLC , Mirror finish)
  12. These where sold as a 8.75 left boot & a 9 right boot but the left boot is stamped as a 8.5. New Tuuk holders with all copper rivets & step DLC quad zero profiled with a 5/8 hollow. The steel has only had 2 ice sessions , spare set of steel Tydan mirror finish. No cracks in carbon ,mako II insoles in good condition & mako II tongue glued on ,no felt in toe box. Usual knicks from game use but boot overall has plenty of life left, with spare set of tendon guards. Asking $300 USD which includes shipping from Australia,(shipping alone is $50 USD) PayPal payment only .
  13. Reminds me of the Easton CXN holders,do you know if they will be available in black?
  14. Let's get this thread going , new ice holder out on the 15th!
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