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  1. Non-essential businesses closed in MA. Call volume on the ambulance is way down - even 911 calls are down. (Cardiac arrest pays no heed to pandemics.) The staff at the local ER is absolutely haggard, but it felt like some semblance of normalcy to see them yesterday.
  2. Pretty sure at this point virtually every rink in MA is closed. 0 emails from the goalie list for several days now, and all the major adult leagues cancelled/suspended. The gym I work at closed x3 weeks and laid off nearly everyone (jerks), so I'm picking up a second 24h on the ambulance. I can't say I'm not a bit worried, but I can't just not work, either. I do wish it was at least warm enough to swim.
  3. Mazel tov! What an adorable bean.
  4. Finally successfully played in one (1) game last night! Exhausting, but no pain, and not really as bad as it could've been given I haven't played in a game for nearly 6 months. I had selected what was listed as a novice/D skate, which of course it wasn't (more C/mixed), did alright, still feel ok this morning. Cautiously optimistic about returning to Saturday hockey with the nerds.
  5. I moved pretty well but my body is not used to skating AT ALL, nevermind in gear. Swimming 3600m in a workout means NOTHING to the ice gods, apparently. At least I remembered how to get dressed...
  6. With approval of the physical therapist, I got back to the ice today for about a half hour and took a few shots. Felt surprisingly good for not having skated in 4 months, though my stamina is absolute pants.
  7. I've used intermediate gear and been fine with it - occasionally I'd wished the glove had more padding, but for the most part I wasn't bothered. I got all new pads/glove/blocker in the fall, and in the Warrior glove I have (which is senior) you can swap the interior for intermediate size, if that would work better.
  8. Finally cleared to go back on the ambulance! Unfortunately that means I'm working Christmas eve (7am Tuesday to 7am Wednesday). That's OT for the 7 Christmas hours, which is nice, but also means I miss my church's Christmas eve service. I haven't missed it since before I joined the choir, so I'm feeling a bit down about it. On the other hand, I'm performing a solo at the solstice service and was told to costume myself "as festively as possible", so I'm tremendously excited for Saturday.
  9. That's dedication, on top of the cost to play already! Do other youth sports have similar issues? Are there more flexible school options for kids?
  10. The nearest ice rink, I could walk to in 10 minutes or so, and do so to get my skates done. The rink I typically skate (when healthy) at is a 15-20 minute drive at that time of day (0700 on a Saturday). I happen to live in an area (metro Boston) where you can't swing a cat and not hit a rink. Do they all have adult hockey times? No, but they all absolutely host kids programs. I would prefer to travel a half hour at most. I have to get there, get dressed, play, get undressed, and get home. For a 9pm session/game, more than that is simply not worth it for me. However, as noted, I have the luxury of many, many rinks in that 30 minute radius. Before I had a car, I was willing to travel further because the rink had to be transit or foot accessible (with gear). The year I learned to play, it took me nearly 2 hours to get to the rink. Two buses and a half-mile walk. Glad I don't have to do that anymore.
  11. I had my 2 week postop yesterday. I am now allowed to drive, lift up to 15lbs, and swim (within reason). I can even go back to some desk shifts at my gym job. I had a nice light swim this morning, and I'm going to go see my horse buddies on Friday. (Can't ride for another 4-6 weeks).
  12. Officially, my workplace allows up to 48 hours of sick time (Mass. has an earned sick time law, so every employee in the state automatically accrues 1 hour for every 30-40 hours worked), which is 6 days for a normal job, but for a paramedic it's two shifts. They also get real, real pissy if you have to leave work sick.
  13. I wear 38" jeans and have XL CCM Premier pants. With the interior belt, they were too small, but I snipped that out and they're more than roomy enough (they have an outer belt and I wear suspenders anyway). When I started, and weighed more, I had Bauer Classic, which fit quite loose but also have almost no padding up toward the hips, so depending on your pickup group's skill level that may not be a great option.
  14. The worst they can do is say no, right?
  15. I really think hospitals should start handing out little courtesy kits with sleeping masks and earplugs...
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