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  1. A little off topic, but I always wondered what a t-blade S-11 corresponds to in a normal profile and hollow (I guess it's a 11mm hollow or about 7/16''). I used to skate on t-blades s-11 and I loved them, but I never managed to recreate the profile on normal blades. Anyone have some idea what S stands for? A 9' profile? More or less?
  2. It might be a silly question or me just overthinking it, but bare with me. So I'm in need of a new steel for my size 7.5EE SuperTacks skates. Simple enough, I checked the label on the holder which says 263. So I went online to purchase a size 263 steel, but the charts say that for this skate size I'm supposed to get a 271 size steel, which really confused me. To add to that I measured the steel and compared it to my old 271 E-pro holder and they both have the same size. So my question is, could the holder be mislabeled and the online charts are right or am I overthinking it and I should just trust what's written on my holder and get the 263 steel? And is there another way to find out which size the holders actually are? Thank you!
  3. Thank you! Interesting, I also thought they would use the same sticks.
  4. A little off-topic, but could you show the curve? Always wondered what curve my favourite players use.
  5. Did you have the chance to compare the p25 and p28? How similar are they? Hockeymonkey eu has some ribcore sticks on sale, but I want a p28 curve. Wondering if the p25 will work.
  6. You can easily install lace-locks on any skate, it's just screwed on, you don't need ccm/reebok skates. New Ribcore stick coming in fall. Hopefully it will be available with a p28 curve.
  7. They do. But it's expensive and isn't worth the trouble. Thanks, I'll take a look at the Reebok and Easton. I'm probably going to do that anyway, but it doesn't hurt to start with the best protection I can get and build it up from there instead of making an unprotective pant "bomb-proof".
  8. Thanks, but you can't really get pro stock pants in Germany. I have a pair from the local DEL team, but other than a different color and velcro for ads they are just the same as retail pants.
  9. Yes, if you have to order online, that's probably all you can get. A LHS might be able to order one with a Lidstrom curve for you, I know mine can. But I think it is just delaying the unavoidable curve change, the Lidstrom will disappear completely sooner rather than later. That being said, the W05 is pretty similar to a Lidstrom, it might be good for you.
  10. Sorry for pushing an old thread, but didn't want to start a new one. So, after 3 surgeries in the tailbone area and 2 years off the ice, I'm looking for a new pair off pants with the best tailbone protection I can get. Never seen Tacklas in Germany, so it's between Bauer (1N, 1X, 1S), Warrior QRL and CCM (UltraTacks, QLT). Can someone tell me, which of those pants have the best tailbone protection? Thanks.
  11. According to the warrior catalogue I have lying arround, the QRLPro and HDPro are available with a Lidstrom curve in Europe. You just have to find a dealer, who can order them for you.
  12. Went ahead and ordered a pair. Excited to try them in my new Super Tacks
  13. Thank you both. I went ahead and ordered a 7.5 to try on and it feels much better, still gracing the toecap while standing. The 7.0 might have worked after baking and some time, but I didn't want to risk being stuck with too short of a skate given the price point, so I sent it back. Pleasant surprise: I was worried size 7.5 would come with a 271 holder, because they would be too long for me (had them before and sometimes tripped over my own feet). But they came with a 263 holder, so everything went perfect.
  14. I have a quick question. I ordered a pair of Super Tacks in size 7.0. I figured it would fit lengthwise, because a size 6.5 jetspeed is the perfect length. But I touch the toecap in the Tacks while standing and still grace it when in a knee bend. So my question is, will my heel sink back about 2 to 3mm when baking or breaking in the skates? Or should I try to order a size 7.5? Thanks for the help.
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