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    Mission Axiom T9 and Easton Stealth 75RS
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    Bauer Vapor X90
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    Bauer Vapor APX2
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    Bauer IMS11
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    Mission DS3 (inline) Reebok 12k(Ice)
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    Bauer Supreme One.4
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    Bauer Vapor APX2
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    Bauer Vapor x100
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  1. Great info guys, thanks!! One additional question, anyone have a guess when the AS3 will be available for the Custom skate options, still only Jetspeed and AS1 right now. My son has a half size or slightly larger foot size difference and needs new skates, was hoping to take advantage of the new tech.
  2. So just to provide an update to this, we ended up having a similar issue to the footbed, not 100% sure why, but the included 10.5 footbed, for the size 9 skate feels a half size too small. It slides back and forth with just a gentle finger motion, so certainly heel lock could be effected. I contacted IW, and they took care of it, as they do everything else, truly great customer service.
  3. I also changed out the bearings, Although I am a tad OCD when it comes to the bearing spin test and I am coming from Bones Super Swiss, I always, ALWAYS have issues with Mission bearings. Also we did have an air bubble or two in our wheels as well, probably chalk that up to rushing the product out and limited supply of wheels, but that plus the bearings make me want for a custom skate option, where you can select your bearings and wheels would be a nice option.
  4. My son tried these out this past weekend and concurred on the out of the box comfort was phenomenal and the XRD memory foam was a very innovative addition to the line. Post baking was more of the same, very comfortable light skate, more ice like ... Coming over from a CCM Jetspeed inline skate, the biggest take away, other than comfort was the lightness of the skate, at least 100 grams lighter, yet stiffer and a better skate. Ascetics are mostly individual, but he loves the look as do most of his friends, which is the point :) I think they have a winner on their hands with the FZ0.
  5. This is good news for us, as our online season is about to end at SW. pretty smart to release before the season, Kudos to them!!
  6. They have had a Mission booth every year I have gone to State Wars, I would expect that are going to coordinate the media and have them in St Louis, we will be there, and I will get some pics if they have it on display. Go Team Colorado! 2002 and 2003!!!
  7. Lot of experience with Konixx and Labeda, both quality products. Konixx definately my sons first choice, 130lbs, where my 250lb frame likes the Labeda Addiction wheels. Also, 2 years ago I bought my son the Bones Super Swiss Six bearings mentioned above, they are amazing. Not sure on the technologic merits, but I sure can speak to the quality of the Bones bearings over a Swiss Lite, they spin forever, and last longer between cleanings. I like to think that the larger balls in the Super 6, does offer what is suggest, but its a bit harder to prove. Cheers
  8. Yes, 2016 late summer, they had them at State Wars that year in Indiana. We are in the same boat, bought a pair of older CCM skates to tide my son over, I think he is finally done growing, will take a chance when the NLS1 prices go down.
  9. We had a Trigger toe get torn up last year and had a replacement shipped to us in about a week. Found the CCM Customer Service to be very good. Our only issue, was the inevitable, "that blade pattern was not in stock" One additional thing I do remember, is that they said that a warranty stick carries no warranty, which seemed odd at the time, but ours was 35 days out when it happened, so I was just happy that it got covered. However, 3 days is a bit different.
  10. Updated list Helmet - Bauer RE-AKT 75 Cage - Bauer Profile II I2 (White View/Black Outward look Shoulders - Bauer Supreme 1s Elbows - Bauer Supreme 1s (sleeved 2017 version) Pants - Bauer Supreme 1s Shins - Bauer Vapor 1x Gloves - Bauer Vapor 1x Skates - CCM Super Tacks Sticks - CCM Super Tacks 2.0 P28
  11. I have had great luck with the Bones, Super Swiss are fantastic, but no other brand rolls as long imo.
  12. One update, my son outgrew is previous skates/wheels, but they lasted the whole year, through State Wars with no problems. This year, we got an excellent deal on some Mission DS1, and again purchased Konixx, but this year, we got the 76/80 +0, full year in so far, less State Wars and they look brand new. Have never not needed a second set of wheels for the season, would be our first time, as we play a ton of games/practices/camps over the inline season.
  13. Some really good clearance prices right now on Previous Generation Mission skates, including DS1 and DS2 as well as CCM skates such as Jetspeed and Tacks lines. For example, you can get a pair of DS1 for $389 where NLS3 are $349.
  14. Just got a set from IW, never had any issues, but how can you tell looking at wraping or steel? Thanks, Dave
  15. have a good news/bad news update to this thread and my experiences with the Mission DS5 skate for a big guy. Started to have some bowing in effect on my skates recently, especially as the night wore on, after careful inspection, they had started to crease in, this is after 9 months of weekly to twice weekly use. Talking to some of the older guys with a lot more experience, they were mostly of the opinion that this was to be expected, again for someone my size, currently down to 245lbs :) Good news part of this, I guess I am back in the market for skates, and my question is, would a stiffer more expensive skates (several 2014-2015 models on sale) last longer for my size? The DS5s, with better bearings and wheels were ok. Thoughts? Thanks,
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