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  1. Seems it’s becoming the norm, but we still got some traditional CCMs and the 1X/ 2S Pro. I just hope True isn’t going to push for the yellow color way on custom orders.
  2. The pro version looks much cleaner. Hopefully that’s an option for customs once these are released. The yellow was giving me cheap rollerblade vibes.
  3. Having a hard time posting the picture on mobile, but Tage Thompson switched to a newer iteration of the True Calayst skate. Any guess as to when we can expect a release? Holding off on re-ordering Trues until they come out.
  4. Funny enough I can answer that. After the last game while the teams were headed off the ice, I untied both skates and stayed on the ice a bit longer to assist with the nets. Not 100% stable, so I’ll do some PT to help. As for the arches, I’m unsure what to do. I feel I need more volume, but I’m worried the extra space would just add more friction.
  5. No worries. There was arch pressure, immediate pain, and friction. I had no issues with volume anywhere else. I subbed in superfeet after one game and the issue got better but as I said, the damage had been done. I know I have average to high arches and slight pronation. Any suggestions going off that? Aside from don’t volunteer to work four charity games on new, retail skates…
  6. I have been looking into this all day since taking a look at my feet in a mirror. I do pronate a little - nothing crazy. I’ll definitely do the exercise but you lost me with the insole comment. Are you saying I need less arch support? And if you could, please elaborate or reword your punching suggestion. My initial thought is that I should have it punched out to increase volume.
  7. It was definitely slipping a bit. Threw in superfeet after the second game and it helped, but the damage had been done. Volume was also an apparent issue in the arch. In store they felt very similar. The CCM were only slightly narrower in the heel/arch but the forefoot felt identical. True liners are really subpar. They wear and become coarse/dry within months. Depending on the workers give-a-f*ck meter, they can also have quality issues. I’m wanting to go back to traditional skates if I can figure these issues out.
  8. Spent 4 years in True. Minimal issues aside from medial ankle pain and poor interior durability. Trying out some FT4 Pros (10 Regular) with the 90 day guarantee and I ran into an immediate problem. Reffed 4 beer league games yesterday and ended up with massive arch blisters. I had the same issues with True on a few occasions where I skated 10+ games in a weekend, but this was immediately noticeable and different. I have pretty flat feet and I pronate. What do I do here? More arch support? Punch the area out? Not really keen on dropping $1500 for Total Custom+. I tried Hyperlites (9.5 Fit 3) in store and the arch felt much better but I’m also not keen on taking an $1100 risk. Don’t want to go back to True as of now. Any advice?
  9. Wish Tampa would revisit the idea of adding black. Also, are we 100% on this being black? The jersey Beiber had on seemed to be midnight blue and I’m assuming this is the gear for it.
  10. I imagine CCM would temporarily do away with the promotion if that were the case. Otherwise why allow stock to be gambled with?
  11. Do you have details on boot height options? I’ve e grown accustomed to the lower cut Trues so that’s exciting to know. I am going to buy stock CCMs tomorrow and take advantage of the 90 day program to see if they’re worth looking into further.
  12. I am looking for testimonials for CCM Total Customs. In the market to replace skates and I’m coming off Trues. Love ‘em but I’m unhappy with the durability. Before Trues, I did ~60 days in stock AS1s and was very pleasantly superseded with the fit and feel. Biggest questions I want answered: 1. Do you feel as though they built a skate around your foot; or was it a case of taking a stock skate and ‘super-mounding it’? 2. What special options/ considerations are offered from CCM? Eg. boot height, facing increase/decrease, major protrusions/ bunions. Any help is appreciated, and don’t hold back on detail.
  13. Teetering on dysfunction. The liner is shredded in multiple spots and has come unglued from certain areas. I take great care of them though. Never had liner issues as a player - even in junior when I was skating 5-6 days a week.
  14. Part of the issue is that I’m a full time official. In fairness, I beat up skates more frequently than your average player. The liner started wearing on me about a year in and at this point it’s ugly. I’ve heard that Bauer/Ccm customs are not custom - more like personalized. That’s disappointing as True really did mound certain spots to fit abnormalities that I have.
  15. Has anyone here switched from True to the current supremes? Correct me if I’m wrong, but the supremes appear to have a somewhat similar cut to Makos (which I loved). I’d like to move away from True because of the horrific interior durability but I can’t sacrifice fit. Any insight to the similarities between the two would be appreciated.
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