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  1. Ontario, I’ll probably get similar ice times if not a bit more in MAA
  2. For next season I’m kind of unsure what level to play at. AAA isn’t an option and neither is Junior A. I could play Junior A if I’m drafted as an AP from either junior B or MAA. Your typical thought of junior B is a bunch of goons but around here we have a very skilled team that is one of the best in the province and I think I could make it. The other option is MAA which is another good, skilled option against kids more my age (16). Just unsure of which level to play at for next year and looking for advice! Thanks!
  3. 1x lite = heaven, It’s undeniably the best stick I’ve used in a long time. Everything about it is perfect
  4. I bought 2 triggers 2s but one of them broke so I’m probably going to get 2 vapor 1x lites
  5. Who here has dealt with CCM before? How long did it take for CCM to notify you when your stick was shipped? I bought a Trigger2 and broke it within 3 days, sent CCM a warranty request, they were cool about it and said they accepted it and they would send me email confirmation when my replacement has shipped and that I should allow 7 business days for this to take place. It has been well over 7 business days and I haven't got anything. What should my next course of action be?
  6. Today I broke my 2016 1s and now I only have 1 stick. It's the newest 1n (2016). I like it but feel there is a better stick out there for me. My favourite sticks of all time are the 1s, 2015 1x, ultra tacks and reckoner. I have a game and practice tomorrow and multiple skates throughout the weekend and I don't trust myself with only 1 stick so tomorrow I will be buying another stick. This will probably be my main stick to start the season as my 1n is decently worn out. I know the 2017 1s, Alpha QX and Super tacks 2.0 just came out and have the newest technologies but of course there are older sticks I can buy too. I was just in our local hockey stores 2 days ago looking for something for the brother so I know the 2016 1x, 2017 1s and super tacks 2.0 are my main options as my size and flex are available. I play for multiple teams (high school, AAA and select AAA) so the stick would be getting used about 2 times a day so durability is a factor. I am a 15 year old, 5'9 and 130 pounds centreman and I play a fast game with elite skating and playmaking. Not much of a shooter though although I take a lot of wrist and snap shots. I rarely ever take slap shots. I like to feel the puck well as I make a lot of moves and dangles with my head up. I would moats my style of play to Mitch Marner/Evgeni Kustensov or like a Steven Stamkos onus the elite one timer me slapper.'m just wondering if I can get some advice on which stick I should get tomorrow - price is not an issue.
  7. In my opinion, the better hockey nets are the best nets out there. The net is made out of really high quality and the backstops tend to be a little bit bigger than the ones you see with ez goal, allowing for more room for you to miss an not have to worry about damage or pick up pucks. The price is solid to. I've also used a winnwell net and hockey Canada net but I found they were both absolute garbage and feel apart extremely easily/quickly. However, I've heard a lot of good things about ez goal but I have never actually used one, so I can offer no comparison. But in my situation (shootin around 300-1000 pucks a day) the better hockey net has worked extremely well! I hope this helps!
  8. Haha ya it's been out since October/November I think. As for you questions : I took about 1 slap shot in like 60 games this year. Huge snapshot guy and I tend to take a lot of backhands as well. I skate well and do a lot of dangling. I like the flex of my 1s (67) but I like the curve of my 1n (p28). Not a fan of the kick/release on either. My favourite sticks ever would be the original 1x, reckoner and original tacks. As for my game I play fast, in the role of a playmaker to a couple guy a year older than me (I'm 15) on the first line of a AAA team. I tend to take some strong side faceoffs as I'm a Leftie and my linemates are righties. Durability is a must because I am constantly getting slashed and chopped at.
  9. I am looking to purchase a new twig and honestly I've got no clue what to try. Currently using a 2017 1n but I'm not a fan. I also own a 1s and I like it but I think it could be better. Thinking maybe I'll try a low kick??? I'm 5'9 120 and I play a high level of hockey. I'm willing to try anything - price is not an issue. Feel free to recommend me sticks to try and please tell me why you think I would like it! Thank you
  10. Helmet - Bauer IMS 11.0 custom, Love it to death, ventilation, protection, colour Cage - CCM fm580 white, Best cage I've ever used Elbow Pads - Bauer Vapor x80, Fit well, stay up well Shin Pads - Bauer nexus 600, work fine, stay on well Shoulder pads - Bauer supreme one.8's, very good protection, especially spinal Gloves - Bauer vapor apx2 - silky mitts Pants - Bauer vapor x100, Perfect, comfy, protective Skates - Bauer vapor apx2 , Litterally jets on my feet Sticks - Bauer vapor 1x (50 flex, p88) perfect for wristers, puck handling and even the occasional one-time, love everything about it Bauer nexus 8000 - (50 flex, p14) Perfect for slappers and snappers, decent wristers and puck handling, flex point is a bit high Bauer vapor apx2 (50 flex, p14) my extra stick, just like the 1x it is perfect for me Ccm rbz stage 2, (50 flex, nugent-Hopkins) I love my wristers and slappers, puck handling is ok and I love the grip (Another extra stick) Bauer jock/ pants and long-sleeve shirt
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