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  1. I think if you demean people for having a different attitude to you, then you’re a distinct minority in ANY community. But go you.
  2. Maybe it's just me, I don't really care what the score is, I try my hardest on each and every shift, I don't care whether it's 10-1 or 1-10 - if the other team are dropping the puck in our zone and we're 10-1 up and they still want to play, hey I'll play and respect them for it. We're there to play hockey - I think anything else is just condescending towards the other team and I'm not there to give pity, or take pity. If they give up, hey, I support them doing that as well, not my preference, but I respect that not everyone is the same as me. Personally, I find it super exciting to try and go for goal in 10 seconds, or defend against a goal in that time, and I'm there to be excited by the game. If people are dicks with that many seconds to go, on either side, then they're going to be dicks at any time. I'm just there to have fun, for exercise and to me, being pressured IS fun. Giving up, not pressuring - is just not fun and I think where people start to just take hockey for granted and lose interest - if you're not challenged, then what's the point?
  3. I think if there's 6 seconds left and we're in the oppositions zone, I wouldn't want to run the clock. I'd rather have 6 seconds of trying to make it 2-6 than just giving up. If it's in our zone, I'd chat to a team mate and ask them should we run the clock, if they shrug, then yes.. but then there's the danger that the ref would just drop the puck and then we're caught in a scramble - it's happened ;-)
  4. I sweat a lot on the ice.. especially now in the summer season. I figured I was getting sweaty hands and hated the feeling in my gloves (I loved my old reebok 30k which had ventilation and now on CCM super tacks which are on the warm side). Palms would get funky and feel gloopy inside. On the off chance I got some wristbands and find they've now stopped about 90% of that feeling. They also cover my Fitbit as an added bonus. I don't find they interfere at all with my elbows or gloves.
  5. I'd be interested in the exact weight as well as that seems heavy.. my standard CCM Super Tacks pants in a Medium come out to 2.96 pounds
  6. Absolutely, that was not my point though, my point was the complete lack of after-sales support by Bauer. If I can't contact them about spending $500 on 2 helmets, then what happens if I have a problem with any other piece of equipment? :-)
  7. Why only Bauer? I bought 2 ReAkt-100 helmets when they first came out, like many people I want to protect my brain with the best bucket around. At the time it was heavily marketed as being able to help reduce concussions. Then the Virginia Tech study came out and found it to be poor performing (I respect that people see that study from different angles). My concern was, that I emailed Bauer on 4 occasions, asking them for information and why it was marketed as helping to reduce concussions when the study found it didn't. They replied once saying they would get back to me, and then never did (and I followed that up with 3 further emails which were ignored). So rightly or wrongly, after spending C$500 on 2 brain buckets, I was pissed and I've now, personally, barred buying anything Bauer. I've emailed CCM and Warrior and got a good response from them, so now have a Fitlite 3D.
  8. Actually the old RICE (Rest Ice Compression Elevation) is old and unadvised now.. unless you need immediate movement, like during a game, ice constricts blood supply slowing your body down from healing itself and causing further damage because your body isn't able to pump its own fluids into the area to heal and protect itself, which your body is pretty good itself. I'm a strong advocate for using gentle, warm heat (like heat bags) and slow regular rotational movement, hot tubs and compression in the form of support. http://www.macleans.ca/society/the-end-of-the-ice-age/ It's like when I see people "warming up" on the ice by stretching straight away... ever tried to stretch a cold elastic band, it fractures and breaks.. just like cold tendons and ligaments.. warm up by skating hard until you feel your muscles warm.. then stretch a bit.. then skate hard again.. then stretch. (BA in Sport & Sports Science)
  9. I had this fairly recently after changing my holders (I'm in Mako 2's and finding it tough to get new step steel so changed over to Speedblade 4's). I was getting pain under my big toes. Moved over to Superfeets and it stopped.. but I'm not liking how unsupported and higher up my heel is with the superfeets - with a thinner insole (like the Speed Plates) I feel planted and solid, with the superfeets (after 10 odd sessions), I'm not feeling the same and feel less connection with the ice.. But changing the insole might work in your case as well..
  10. Got this message: Sorry, this coupon is not applicable to your cart contents.
  11. Was at my LHS looking to try new skates. I'm having real trouble because of bone calcification build up on my inner ankles which cause rubbing on the eyelets on other skates (thanks Mako 1s!). Was chatting with the guy who was a fellow gear freak about the Mako 2's (which I currently own and love). He said that this year / next year Bauer will be releasing the Supreme 2s which will incorporate a lot of the Mako 2+ technology - a while back I met David Cruickshank, the designer of the Makos (he was awesome and comp'd me a pair of Mako 2's after seeing the destruction the 1's caused my feet).. and had a great chat with him when the Mako 2's were just being released and the technology that was being put into the Mako 3s.. So will be super exciting to revisit these after trying on every other skate and hating them all!
  12. I would have been happy to go one size up, as it's a little tight around my elbow pads.. I did put them in quite a few of the extra hot white washes to shrink them as they were pretty large when new.
  13. I bought some size 56 Jerseys from prostockhockey. They are the VERY heavy weight replicas with fighting straps. I put them in a couple of extra hot washes and they shrunk quite a bit to fit me perfectly - 5'9 185 42" chest
  14. You could just wear something like this.. I find it's really protective on bits that get hurt regularly ;-) https://www.amazon.com/Shock-Doctor-Shockskin-Sleeve-XX-Large/dp/B00C4OL5EK/ref=sr_1_5?ie=UTF8&qid=1514933339&sr=8-5&keywords=shock+doctor+shirt
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