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  1. This sucks. I live in St. Louis and Total Hockey is my local store. Are any of there stores planning on closing right away? I hope they stay open even if Pure Hockey is taking over.
  2. Not sure it's worth the upgrade, only reason I would get them is to have all Bauer apx2 shin guards, elbow pads, and shoulder pads. My CCM shin guards are pretty new still.
  3. I bought the shoulder and elbow pads, think I should get the shin guards to? How is the length compared to the CCM rbz 150s I have since I can only find them online now?
  4. Lol, there just going to sell all there equipment before the season is over and forfeit the rest of the season. There done.
  5. My friend just got these in January. He hasn't really had them long enough I don't think to ask him how he likes them though. I think he had to put certain holders on them. Maybe Graf. I'll check with him and see if I can give an update.
  6. I got the Ribcor 48k. I like them a lot. A much harder boot, and the Pump works better I think then my Reebok 26k. Usually I'll just give them a couple pumps at first then halfway through the game I'll give them like 30 extra pumps to give me a boost. Lol I also liked the black steel on those. I think what u get with the 48k is such a good price that it don't justify the price of going up to the 50k.
  7. I'm wanting a titanium cage soon. Can't de ide though if I want a whole new helmet though or if I just want to put it on my Bauer 7500. Right now I just have a Profile II cage on it in a medium and feel it is a little short. Wonder if I should try a large?
  8. I like the current ones also. I just got the 48k though already. Does anybody know if it's just the top of the line ones getting the limited edition color or if it's the whole line?
  9. They probably sold you a standard blade and you need a tapered blade maybe? I mean they did put the extension in the wrong end...
  10. I went ahead and got the Bauer apx2. I think just the way my shoulders are the CCM 150s sit higher. These Bauers seem good though. I walked around with them on the store for a few minutes, the mobility seemed good. Can't wait to try them out tonight!
  11. I bought the rbz 150s online a couple months ago but returned them right away. I thought the shoulder caps where bigger then I wanted from what I could tell for about the minute I had them on. I'll try these APX2s on though. Got a 10% off coupon and $20 in rewards to sweeten the deal if I decide to get them. I want something I could try to jump in front of shots with, kinda hesitant to do that with my current shoulder pads.
  12. I just called Total Hockey and having them save there last pair of Bauer APX2 shoulder pads for me until tomorrow. Since there on clearance I'm going to try them on and if I like them I'm getting them. :) I'm looking for something that's light, low profile, and offers more protection then my Bauer Supreme one 60's I'm using now.
  13. Those are the inline skates I got! Mine are still in good shape though I think since I don't play a lot of inline hockey. I would maybe suggest getting a pair of CCM ribcor ice skates or clearanced Reebok ones if u can find them and get inline chassis put on them if u want the lace lock feature and the pump. I can go without the pump, is there any other skates that have the lace lock feature the Ribcor skates have?
  14. Shins: CCM RBZ 150 Pants: CCM RBZ 150 Elbows: Easton Mako M5 Gloves: Warrior AX1, Bauer APX2 Shoulder: Bauer Supreme One 60 Helmet: Bauer 7500 with Bauer Profile II cage Skates: CCM 48K Sticks: Sherwood Rekker EK60 Grip 85 flex Ryan II curve, Sherwood Rekker EK15 Grip 85 flex Ryan II curve, True A6.0 MC curve
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