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    Bauer supreme 170
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    Warrior QRL
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    Bauer Nexus 1000
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    Reebok hp35 Blackhawks Pro Stock
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    CCM CS shoulders
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    CCM CL elbow pads
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    Bauer nexus 1000
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  1. Can anyone comment on the weight of these sticks?
  2. They are carrying them in my local store. They seem pretty well balanced just picking it up. I haven't heard of any information though.
  3. That seems steep. I'm really surprised no one from Warrior could answer my original question. I know we have a rep or two on this site.
  4. True but I guess that AK27 SL was supposed to be significantly lighter than the QX pro. Hoping they'd continue this trend considering the pro model is made with the minimus 1000 instead of the 800.
  5. I'll have to check that out. It's nice to see warriors price dropping too! Still curious what the pro version in 63" weight is. Can't find it anywhere online.
  6. How did you like the QREdge compared to the QRL?
  7. Hi, does anyone know the weight for the QRE line. More specifically the QR Edge and Pro versions? I am a huge fan of the QRL and am looking forward to the newest version from Warrior. Anyone who has some experience with either the QR Edge or the Pro version, please chime in! Thanks.
  8. Anyone have any experience with the vh holder on these skates? I've read they are extremely stiff.
  9. Never heard of these. Did you get them from Europe?
  10. I got my take in just two days. Pretty good deal for 12 bucks. Not sure I'll need 6 rolls a month but that can always change. I woukd still like to try Howie's at some point to compare to sportstape.
  11. No total hockey in Oregon for me. My local shop charges 3 dollars per roll of Renfrew -- Can't stand the strand that comes off the side. 5 rolls of sportstape for 12 out the door seems like a good deal.
  12. It's just short of 6 bucks for shipping. I reckon if you're going to buy a lot at once, dollartapeclub is probably a better bet but if you're just looking for a few rolls a month, hockey players club might be a better deal. I signed up for it just now to see how it works. I've wanted to try out sportstape because the Renfrew at my local shop is garbage.
  13. I checked that site out. Seemed pretty good until I saw that they charge for shipping.
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