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    NBH ONE75
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    Warrior DoloSpyne, 75 Flex Lidstrom, aka: the Wet Noodle
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    Sherwood T90s.
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    Nike 4500
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    Warrior Pro Stock
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    Easton S17
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    Easton Stealth S9
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    Shock Doctor Phantom 360
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    Kobe 2000 Victorian Inline state team bag

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  1. Had a bum day yesterday after an unsuccessful long weekend. Rec'd good news from the Docs, re: Police Application. Then, I jumped on the ice coaching our AWIHL team and had a ball working on our goalie's butterfly. My shots were hard and accurate; which they haven't been in ages. Lov'n hockey, lov'n life, free and flying!
  2. Div.2, looks like Div.1 will fall over as they refused to play the games at IceHouse only and the players revolted.
  3. Our Summer 2010-11 team, Team Tabarnak. Our manager, who works his butt off each week is Québécois so we made this jersey to honour him. He loves it, especially considering that he secured a much coveted number 9 jersey.
  4. Went down to the park to shoot some pucks as I am tearing the bricks apart at home. There is a new wheat postie shoved right in the middle of my shooting zone. So now I get to practice my shoots, cheese and off the bloke's nuts and in. Also pictured (in a blur of course, thanks Iphone) are my new Dolo and 2010 Kronik. I love the whip in the Kronik, but I can picture myself breaking it quickly!
  5. Relative only to your interpretation of "money" and "time". ;) Two dates slotted in the next week, hockey is coming along nicely, work is about to change from Finance to Police force and its looking like a white Xmas with some travel in Europe. I literally feel like I have confidence radiating out of all the right parts atm.
  6. Waiting around at work (we are dead too) for the tight short wearing UPS guy to get here and deliver my x3 Pro Stock U+ CL's. Two hours till COB and counting... :(
  7. Thats a great balance of old and new Trisgale, they look like beauties! B)
  8. Nice depth in that shot. My 2nd year Photography teacher would be proud. ;)
  9. Ja, I usually play the Tommy Holstrom role in front of the net on my team's PP. However last week in a game, I was kicked out of my posi and the guy in there wouldn't change when we cycled due to an out of posi winger. My shot from the point was off on that game and I didn't want to be taking them. To cut it short, my bench was screaming for me to shoot one timer when every pass I got was woeful. wobbly off to the side pieces of crapp that were hard to stop/trap little though one time from. Very frustrating I agree Shotty.
  10. Being in a scoring slump for 2-3 weeks. Could not seem to hit any holes that I normally hit with such confidence. I blamed it on just a slump + switching to a new curve a month or two back. Last night, it all come back to me, with a vengeful two goals. first goal, I tapped a rebound out of mid air under a sprawling keeper. Second goal, I came in off the left wing on a break, sniped top corner so perfectly, the puck hit the apex plum, and slammed in. All the parts I have been missing; accuracy, power and timing all come together with a spot of luck mixed in.
  11. David, your efforts and story are an amazing one, thats for sure. You are one of my favourite players to watch in the NHL. I have one of your quotes on my desk at work (see below), its really enabled me to get through some tough times as of late, changing clubs and moving into different roles in a team. Everytime I get low on my game ,listen to too many haters or need to prove myself as a new guy; I read that quote and it gives me perspective. Incidently, my new club has offered me any jersey choice, I'm gunning for 57. :) "Even when everyone said I was done, I didn't listen, just trained harder. Never give up on your dreams, because even with people down on you, it's what's inside you that will take you to the next level"
  12. Friday arvo, about to head out the door. Raining and muggy but who cares... On the ice tonight with my new skates and I know I'm gonna fly out there... HOWWWLLL! PS: Just won a gift voucher through work for Myer Dept store, 175 bucks!
  13. Man! That's just a wolf spider, if they bite you get a tiny nickel piece of necrosis and thats it. The Sydney Funnell web (very close cousin of your Black Widow) is a deadly sucker alongside the Redback Spider as well. Funnily enough when I tried to kill that guy, a cockroach came running out. He forgot about dodging me with the fly spray, grabbed the cockroach and ran upwards into the ceiling space for dinner with the missus. I felt like Steve Irwin for the briefest of moments. ;)
  14. Rink hoggs HockeyMan. Some guys will stay on the ice for 10 mins if not monitored. So the whistle keeps the fitness level of the session up, the hockey quality increases as well beause of the increased pace. Allot of the newer guys (lads who have been playing only 1-2 years) have shown really marked and quick improvement with this method too. If we can we try and match lines skill/experience wise as well.
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