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  1. Howdy, Ancient thread revival... Just starting out and I'd like to get something at home to practice stick handling on. I have a spot in my basement about 14'x8'. Smooth concrete floor. Can someone compare HPDE material vs. Hockey Shot's rollup shooting pad vs. dryland tiles vs. whatever else? I'm looking for my best option to use that space. Similarly... What should I use for a stick for this? Just cut it a bit shorter to account for no skates? Will any of these pads tear up sticks? edit: Also... how well do these sheets work just sitting next to each other? Like if HDPE sheeting is the way to go, would a couple of sheets like http://www.ebay.com/itm/140546654617?ssPageName=STRK:MESINDXX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1436.l2649sit next to each other and give me a true 8x8 surface, or will the seam between them interfere? edit again... Also, since I'm working on smooth concrete, would I be better off just getting a green biscuit or similar and using that? Obviously that would be rather a lot nicer on the wallet... Thanks! Mark
  2. Howdy, I've had some of that when I go and help out with my son's skills class if I'm just standing in one position for a long time or something. Doesn't sound like its as bad as you have it though as almost any type of skating makes it go away. If I were you I'd try looser lacing over the mid to fore foot I think? Could be that you need to get your foot moving more so that the muscles don't cramp up and when you're skating for real that's not an issue but when you're just gliding around its locked into one position only... Outside of that, just show off your awesome skating for your wife every ten minutes. :-) Mark
  3. Howdy, Update again... I've now played in two pickup games and have started helping out with my son's skills class. I'm now probably on the ice in some form four to five times a week, with two of those being pretty high intensity, one medium, and the others just sorta skating around a bit. The pickup games are awesome. :-) I'm slowly getting some sense of where I should be on the ice in the various winger vs. center vs. defenseman roles. Its pickup so mostly I just go to whatever spot is open vs. us having assigned roles. Skills are also a pretty big range from me as the worst guy up to guys that seem pretty damn good, but I really have no frame of reference to judge. 2nd game I did a lot better than the first. Settled down when I got the puck and worked on controlling it and finding an open pass / moving to create an open pass. My first game a couple guys (very nicely) mentioned that I didn't need to hurry it along as much as I was. Also worked on stick checking or poke checking or whatever its called and was able to steal the puck a few times from players that were a lot better than me, which felt great. I love making other people say "Fuck!" :-) I also scored, first time ever. At both pickups so far there has only been one goalie so on the other side the rule is that the puck has to be elevated off the ice and hit a post to score. I did a little give and go with another guy around a defender, controlled the pass that came back by kicking it up in front of my, caught up to the puck, and lifted it up to the post. Frankly... I mostly couldn't believe it. I bet I'm like 5 out of a 100 on doing that, but I'll take it. :-) On the skating front, I'm getting more comfortable going from forwards to backwards in a clockwise direction (which is my weak direction). Also getting slightly more comfortable with backwards crossovers. I really need to get more speed backwards though, as right now I can't skate backwards fast enough to stay ahead of an oncoming forward when I'm defending. I can cut the angles to try and help, but I don't even have enough speed for that against some of the guys. Still, its a lot better than where I was a month or two ago, so I know the answer is just "keep working on it". Last adult skills class of the current session is tomorrow night. Hoping my gear is at least kinda dry by then. Also hoping I still have some gas for it! :-) Mark ps. Also, I can hop over the boards getting onto the ice. I still look like a fish out of water if I try it coming off the ice though. :-)
  4. Howdy, Wait, they offered you a job, then changed their mind and gave the job to someone else? And then decided that if you wanted you could have the in house guy's old job for a bunch less money? Sounds to me like they did you a favor by illustrating that you don't want to work there during the hiring process! You're for sure doing the right thing. I'll have to dig it up if you want to see it, but I took an online concussion training thing when I was an assistant coach on my son's soccer team. Among other good things, they had some guidelines as to how to know if a kid was ready to play again, plus some education stuff. If you'd like, I could try and track that down. My recollection is that the summary of that part of it was "let the kid's doctor decide", plus some 'evaluate when they come back' pointers. Concussion is no joke and you can't "rub dirt in it and get back out there". Edit: Here's the big 'fact sheet' from that training, which includes some steps to getting back going after receiving a concussion: http://www.cdc.gov/headsup/pdfs/youthsports/coaches_engl.pdf And here's the training itself: http://www.cdc.gov/headsup/youthsports/training/index.html It was pretty quick and I thought it was worthwhile when I did it last year. A lot of it is common sense, but there are some things I hadn't thought about / wouldn't have known to look for. Mark
  5. Howdy, Thanks for the thoughts. For this kid in particular though, I'm talking about no skating ability _at all_. Like just standing there, he's apt to fall down and saying "skate over here" 15' away it will likely take him minutes to get there (and during those minutes, because it takes a while, he'll get distracted). There's really only one kid like this. The others do a decent bit better, so doing a group thing doesn't work that well. Plus I'm just one guy helping out and the rest of the ice is broken up into 6 stations doing drills more like what some of you are suggesting. So I guess I'm looking for advice on what I can have him do that will help him get comfortable being on the ice and moving around. Worst case, I'll just let him "knock me over" some more, if he can catch me (moving very slowly). I'll also grab a puck and see if he likes whacking it with his stick, we never did that last time. I'm most concerned that he have a good time and learn a little bit. Appreciate the feedback so far! Mark
  6. Howdy, I've seen a similar list before but there has to be more to it than that. I have a set of Vapor X40R skates in 8D that absolutely KILL my feet. Yet my ice skates are Ribcor 46k's in 8D and they feel great. I don't know for sure what the difference is between the two however. Mark
  7. Howdy, I'm helping out with a local Learn to Play program (the Sidney Crosby Little Penguins program... Great program. 8 (?? I think) sessions of instruction plus full gear, plus a USA Hockey membership for ~$200). Anyway, a few of the kids have never been on the ice before. As in, it would probably take them a half hour or more to circle the rink once and they really struggle to get back up on the ice when they fall over. I'm looking for ideas on what to do with them. The one kid in particular is really young (I'm guessing around 4) and isn't particularly focused, etc. At the last session, I worked with him one on one. Worked on marching and how to stand up. Keeping him focused and non-distracted is a real challenge, but the trick I eventually figured out was that he likes to "knock me over", so I'd get in front of him a ways and when he marched over to me he'd tap my skate with his stick and I'd fall over. This apparently was great fun. :-) I will say I'm not all that excited about teaching him to hook / trip people, but I was kinda at my wits end to come up with motivation. From watching a few youtube videos, it looks like some next skating steps would be to do marching into a glide, then maybe teaching a push/stroke. And holding onto the boards and shaving ice. I would like to come up with some stuff to do with the puck though. Perhaps just have him whack a puck toward me, with emphasis on holding his stick properly? Space is pretty limited for us to work in, as the ice is really being taken up six stations for kids who can skate at a beginner level to work on more normal hockey stuff. Also interested in any fun small space games you all have found that work well with really young, really can't skate kids, to hold their interest / motivate them. Thanks! Mark (it's a bit weird to be trying to help him at all, given how new _I_ am!)
  8. Howdy, Don't think of it as buying... Think of it as a loan. Just start the process early in the credit card billing cycle... :-) I think your wife and kids would love a long weekend away in Denver. Then you can be surprised at how there are four Total Hockey stores there. What a fortunate coincidence! :-) edit: In terms of finding shops, I'd be tempted to call ice rinks in those bigger cities around and ask them where you can buy hockey gear locally. Presumably they'd know about the local shops without much online presence? Mark
  9. Howdy, How many is many miles? Do you have any friends in that area? I recently went through a couple pairs of skates starting out, getting progressively more comfortable but still not "right". I decided I was serious enough about this to get out of the entry level skates and went to a 'local' Total Hockey (45 miles away). I went in knowing that I had a wide foot with high arches, figuring I'd need a wide skate. I'd had Easton Stealth 7.5Ds, then CCM Tack 2052 8Ds. To my utter surprise, it turned out that a CCM Ribcor 8D ended up fitting me best in the store. Never in a million years would I have picked that skate online. The only way it makes sense to me is that maybe I have a foot with a narrow-ish heal, a wider mid foot, and regular size forefoot. I dunno. All I know is that they feel good. I ended up trying on all sorts of different stuff there... Wide Tacks, Supremes, Nexus, RBZ, etc. The Ribcor was the most comfortable though my preconceptions took me a while to get over. It didn't squeeze my midfoot and my heal didn't move around. Which is all a long way of saying that trying on a bunch of stuff really, really helped me. So if you're 3 or 4 hours away from a shop with a good selection... It might be worth the day to go over there vs. a month of trial and error online. Being able to try them on back to back also meant that I could do direct comparisons. All that said... Even the skates that hurt my feet the worst when I was skating didn't make parts of my foot go numb or let my heel move around a lot after ten to twenty minutes in the store. Those sound like pretty big problems to me (keeping in mind that I'm a newbie). If you really can't get over to a store with good stock, perhaps you can order six pairs of skates with the understanding that you'll return five of them? Good luck! I didn't enjoy the "getting skates" process at all. Lots of money involved and for me a ton of uncertainty since all three pairs of skates for me felt fine in the store and I didn't know my feet were going to hurt like hell in them until after I'd skated for a half hour... Which means I couldn't return them. Mark
  10. Howdy, What's the S word? (serious question btw... I'm new and don't know anything. :-) Mark
  11. Howdy, Plasti-dip perhaps? Comes in all sorts of colors and applies pretty easily. As important, you can peel it off later when you don't like it. Its pretty common in the car world for "fairly temporary" color changes. Its not as durable as paint though, so if you want to keep it looking nice you'd need to keep the helmet in something vs. just banging around in your bag. You'd also want to figure out a way to not get it on the inside of the helmet through the vent holes. If it were me though, I'd probably just get two helmets. edit: it does look like you might be able to brush on plasti-dip rather than spray... Unclear how well that works, but if it did, that might give you a way to deal with vent holes better. Mark
  12. Howdy, So, this week's update... Continuing to improve but so S L O W L Y... Still though, last night at the adult skills class the instructor had us stopping on one foot using inside edges, and I was able to do that with both right and left foot forward. I get a little annoyed that I'm not skating as well as others, but a year ago I couldn't hockey stop in any form with a turn to the right / left foot forward, so being able to do that on one foot is a lot better, even if its not perfect yet. Working on tight turns now. At the Learn to Play class I take with my son, the instructor frequently does a warm up where everyone tries to steal the puck off him. When you block him off and force him to go back where he came from, he makes this super tight turn with the ice chips flying and a great ripping sound... My firm goal is to be able to do that too. :-) I can do it a bit at this point, but I still frequently leave the puck behind me (maybe turning the puck / stick too much?) and I don't have that really loud RIIIPPPP on the ice. Also working on backwards skating, particularly backwards crossovers. I find that I frequently end up with too much weight on my toes. Guessing that I'm bending my back too much and my knees not enough? Not sure. Like all of it, its better than it was, but I still feel like a duck that's been shot. On the gear side... Learning to skate / play has been good for losing weight, but that also means that some of my gear doesn't fit as well now. Waist size has dropped 2 or 3 inches and now I'm having to really cinch up my pants or it feels like they're going to fall off. Using Warrior Bonafide pants now in size L and the waist seems too big. Also have Reebok 18k shoulders in an XL size and its starting to feel like I'm swimming in them a bit. My gloves are also pretty large... Winwell 14's that say "anatomical" on them. My hands end up getting a little tired after an hour or so from squeezing the stick or whatever. I did find some new Bauer Supreme One.8 14" gloves on craigslist for $40 though, so as long as its not a scammer shipping me rocks, I should have that one solved. Size-wise I'm 5'10", about 185 lbs right now, and probably a 34" to 36" waist in jeans. In terms of actual hockey... I think I'm getting a little better about on-ice positioning at the scrimmages we have at the end of our adult skills class. Working on protecting the 'house' when we're defending our goal and working on getting to open space (and staying onsides) when attacking. As for positions... Still pretty incompetent there. I get where defensemen, center, and wingers should be when you're starting out but that seems to go all to hell pretty quickly with people everywhere. When that happens I just try to look around to see where teammates are and fill an open spot. Not sure if that's a product of "fast paced game and that's normal" or if its "its a rookie adult skills class so nobody knows what they're doing". Last night during the scrimmage I did have my first "skate with the puck at the defender, toss it off the boards, go around him, and get the puck back"... That felt pretty good! Now if I could just skate fast with the puck and then get an actual shot on goal that wasn't some level of mostly missing the puck. :-) Anyway.... this old guy is still having fun and still improving, though not as fast as I'd like! :-) Mark
  13. Howdy, The low volume makes sense. But I still run into stuff like this... Something like this costs around $500: "non-chinese / tuned up" versions are maybe double that? I'm just surprised there's not enough market for someone to make a basic single wheel sharpener & holder for $500 or so. The Sparx sharpener at $800 seems a little more in line, but it also seems a lot more complicated than it needs to be with a motorized carriage. It is what it is, it was just surprising to me. And, of course, I've also never actually sharpened a skate, so I expect I don't know what I don't know. :-) Mark
  14. Howdy, There must be something I'm missing. How come skate sharpeners are so expensive? I'm seeing between $700 to $2000 for single wheel machines that look to be setup for home / portable use. It seems like these machines should be fairly basic... A motor drives a horizontal grinding disc, with a flat reference plane underneath and a holder that clamps the blade of the skate in the appropriate position. Plus a diamond dressing tool with an adjustable radius. Is the cost just a factor of very limited demand? I'm used to stuff like mini-lathes / mini-mills in the $500 range and those look a LOT more complicated. Basic bench grinders are $50 or less. So... What am I missing? Mark
  15. Howdy, I don't think either of the rinks I go to allows alcohol. Are folks bringing it in despite that, or are other rinks less concerned with beer in the locker room? Mark
  16. Howdy, Now if they'd just end the absurd blackouts for local games, I'd sign up in a heartbeat. Until then, I'm bummed that the new system is apparently going to have better security. Hopefully the NHL (and others) will wake up soon and realize that contracts with black out provisions that leave non-cable customers in the cold are a relic of the past. Mark
  17. Howdy, I've never tried to repair a skate / shoe like that, but I think I'd probably use Shoe Goo or something else that retains a little bit of flex, vs. JB Weld. FWIW. Mark
  18. Howdy, Old thread bump, but it seems to fit... Anyone have any specific exercises to help strengthen ankles, particularly in terms of side to side rotation as well as twisting? I figure that would help with edge control? Of course, I'm new, so maybe that's all just crap. :-) Mark
  19. Howdy, I have a pair of these that I wear as a new skater under warmups when I'm not wearing full gear... I like them quite a lot. Super comfortable and great protection without a lot of added bulk. If I were experiencing the problem the OP describes, I'd certainly give them a go under my existing hockey pants since I already own them. I don't think you can go far wrong with this path even if you're buying from scratch. Mark
  20. Howdy, Is there a Reebok to CCM chart that shows how the old Reebok #'s compare to the new CCM ones? And can anyone confirm that the last / foot shape being used by CCM for the Ribcors are the same ones Reebok used? Mark
  21. Howdy, Ended up ordering that Warrior Pro Carry bag. Thanks for the recommendations. Done some skating and also a stick time yesterday. I'm awful at stick handling the puck. And that whole "keep your head up" thing... Man. Hard to do. Guess I'll have to keep practicing. :-) Getting a little better at receiving passes and controlling the puck and slightly better at kicking the puck along when I miss it with my stick. Also tried some slapshots into the boards. No elevation of the puck at all (stick is a Warrior Burrows / W01, 85 flex). Next time I'll take along my other stick (Warrior Henrique / W03, 85 flex) and see if that's better. Looks like the face is more open / tipped up / whatever on that one. It was a little interesting yesterday after the stick time to be changing in the locker room with a bunch of teenagers. Been a while for that! Worrying about how to get a ride somewhere, telling buddies not to tell Sarah that you like her, etc. :-) Mark
  22. Howdy, As someone new to this and just as a side note... I'm pretty blown away that such minor differences in radius make differences in skating effort that even I can feel. According to the chart here: http://www.pro-filer.com/hdi/ ... the difference in the depth of the hollow between 1/2" and 3/4" is 0.001". One _thousandth_ of an inch. That's small enough that its reasonably difficult to measure accurately. Craziness. Mark
  23. Howdy, Headed to Vegas for a conference at the end of the week. Any updates on hockey stores in the area? Mark
  24. Howdy, Blech. That does suck. How long are you out? Did they have to screw/plate it? Mark
  25. Howdy, It does seem like if I concentrate on angling my skates / whatever, I get more bite with the 46k's, so it may well be stiffer construction and/or a different ankle fit. As I said, its a curiosity more than anything else. I'm very new, so its seriously doubtful to me that this is an equipment problem vs. a "learn to use your equipment" problem. Mark
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