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  1. Howdy, Yeah, per this thread I looked around and found other 1/2" tape to use for knobs. Its just nicer/easier if Howie's sells it. And it beats ripping a 1" tape in half by about a million percent. Mark
  2. Howdy, LOL. Doing most things with a 3 month old is awful. It'll get better and you'll get more used to everything taking 4 times as long as it should. Hopefully you have family around to help? Mark
  3. Howdy, I think the risk is more about what happens to the competition if a bunch of folks get it. If the Pens are in the conference finals and seven players test positive, do they have to forfeit? What if both goalies test positive? Or the head coach and his assistants? Not saying that they shouldn't do it... I think they probably should. But the way things are going, you know one team is going to have to play without its top six players, top goalie, and head coach for the Finals or something ridiculous like that. Mark
  4. Howdy, Howies rocks. https://howieshockeytape.com/products/howies-knob-tape Too bad I'm not playing hockey for the foreseeable future. Mark
  5. Howdy, Wow, crazy! What happened with Vegas? This thing is all over the map. It wasn't that long ago that it seemed unlikely that they'd have a hub in Canada at all! Mark
  6. Howdy, That's kinda weird, isn't it? How are they able to do direct to consumer without infringing that same patent? Mark
  7. Howdy, Can't be this, as there wasn't a penalty called. I bet Chris has it. Thanks! Mark
  8. Howdy, What rule requires that? I can't find anything like that with a bit of searching. Mark
  9. Howdy, I'm curious to know what rule they were blowing the whistle on. Mark
  10. Howdy, Is there a way to check on the status of an order via Marsblade's site or whatever? I pre-ordered the 01+boot package back on May 1st. I was just curious if there was a way to get an update as to expected ship date. IIRC when I ordered it said July but ?? Mark
  11. Howdy, 5 (?) days later and now PA #'s are going back up too, along with Ohio. We'd been considering going to an adult skills class as a way to start back, since there wouldn't be any "sitting next to someone on the bench breathing hard" time and no on ice battles. But we're backing off from that now. Unless this is just a blip, I think the rise in cases is going to mean that we skip July and re-evaluate in August. There's an outdoor asphalt rink about 30 minutes away that I don't think I've ever seen anyone on. I think maybe I'll get a little more serious about it and start going down there for some outdoor time. The "local" outdoor sport court rink is still closed to everything, unfortunately. Mark
  12. Howdy, I can cat get current case counts by county easy enough. Its harder to get decent trend lines by county. Mark
  13. Howdy, Things started back up here a week or two ago. My wife and I have both decided to wait. Originally that was going to be to wait until July to see what cases seemed to do. We're waffling a bit on that now, as cases in Ohio as a whole are back trending up, though PA (where we mostly play) are still trending down. One of the frustrating things is that its hard to get trend information at a more localized level, so I have no real idea what's happening in the Pittsburgh/Youngstown area specifically. Indoor hockey would be our primary 'exposure channel' or whatever you call it, at least until (if) school starts for our son, or marching band (if it happens). Right at this moment, I'm tempted to wait to play until one or both of those open back up as well since if our family is going to be exposed more anyway, I might as well be playing hockey. I'll freely admit that that isn't necessarily the most intellectually sound argument though. Just based on Facebook, it seems like most folks we played with prior to all this are going back now. We're a little older then them on average and pretty squarely in the younger end of the "danger zone" or whatever you want to call it. One thing that helps me is that I've started autocrossing again (https://www.scca.com/pages/what-is-autocross). This was a pretty serious hobby for me for a LONG time, which I backed away from when I started playing hockey around 4 years ago. Its been fun to get back more involved with it and the risk levels from Covid are a LOT lower, just due to the nature of the sport. Mark
  14. Howdy, Its surprising to me. Physical abuse to the point of injury. Forcing a kid to bob for an apple in a pan of urine and cum... That's a whole different kettle of fish compared to making them chug more booze than they really want or locking them in a bathroom on a bus. Like to the level of "perpetrators of that should go to jail", IMHO. https://thehockeynews.com/news/article/more-explosive-and-shocking-allegations-against-junior-hockey-in-newly-filed-lawsuit?fbclid=IwAR0AxIH9-ugPr0FdVTW5w0irpnW2TgX9cf34Gox8FH3vnhtdjQDPBOhnSHQ Mark
  15. Howdy, I expect that like with cloth masks, a rule like that is about "don't spray your virus as far" vs. "stop you from breathing in the virus". Mark
  16. Howdy, I didn't think they had actual release dates yet on their mass produced skates... I'll for sure be interested in real details when they're available. This looks to be yet another teaser with no actual information. Mark
  17. Howdy, It seems pretty likely that closing off those areas is going to result in fog city... But if I'm wrong, I'll buy a setup for sure. Mark
  18. Howdy, This is probably a dumb question, but having never held one of these rubber stone things in my hands I'm curious how the hell it can remove a burr and not scratch anything. I'm picturing something with abrasive embedded in a rubber-y material. Is that not what it is? Is there some technique people are using to not have that scratch stuff? Mark
  19. Howdy, Boy it would be pretty craptactular if you were an NHL player who doesn't get picked up next season or the season after that, and because of extending the escrow payback time, you actually had to pay back money in the years following when you stopped playing... I bet there are going to be some players that get financially pinched by this whole deal, just like some owners. Mark
  20. Howdy, Yeah, I agree with this. I wasn't here back when MSH was one of the main places to get the scoop on things, etc. etc. There's for sure a vibe of walking into a room of existing friends/relationships/history and being the new guy. But having said that, I found folks to generally be pretty open / welcoming / willing to make new friends, new relationships, and new history. When i don't know something about hockey, MSH is pretty much the first place I turn to for answers/feedback. I don't see that changing for me, and I'm glad its here. Mark
  21. Howdy, I look down constantly. However, I also really suck at hockey. Friends that have them say that they can use peripheral vision to reinforce good habits though. Mark
  22. Howdy, One of my local rinks opened up at midnight last night. Outside of limiting # of skaters (10 per side), it seems like everything is the same as it was. They're encouraging less time in locker rooms (memos about how folks should get dressed at home, but that seems more focused on kids). Certainly not playing with masks. I've not been there yet and I'm not comfortable with it yet. I'm going to give it the rest of June and see what happens in terms of cases, etc. Mark
  23. Howdy, https://superdeker.com/products/superdeker Pretty fun. And more importantly, I think its actually helping my hands a bit. Mark
  24. Howdy, Any early world via rink schedules or managers or anything on if all the Vegas ice time will dry up a bit because there are 12 NHL teams there practicing / playing? Mark
  25. Howdy, I bought a SuperDeker and have been sporadically using that. I already had a shooting tarp and tiles, so I tried to use that a little more. I was doing pretty good about getting out there fairly regularly (every other day) for a while, but then my back started bothering me (unrelated) and I stopped. Back is now fine, but I haven't gotten back into the habit... I need to fix that! Hockey stuff around here (Pittsburgh, PA) is starting to open back up. I'm going to give it until July I think just to let any dust settle, then get back to it if things still are looking good. Mark
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