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  1. Happy Holidays everyone. Have a quick question about hockey bags. My trustee old, basic Bauer bag is finally splitting, and the zipper keeps coming off the track. Since I started searching for hockey bags, I'm getting all of the ads for Conway & Banks, and similar bags that look to have a lot of bells and whistles. Does anyone actually have one of these? Are there other brands that you've found to be very durable? Are the C&B bags really just a bunch of a fluff or are they worth it? How about Pacific Rink? Please let me know your thoughts, and thank you in advance.
  2. Brother, I gotta get all of the mechanics, trust me.
  3. I don't understand it either, but when I've tried to pull the puck back and load it up for a shot, the puck rolls up and over my blade. I've had some teammates say the same thing to me how the puck looks like I chopped at it to flip it on its side.
  4. I know... I started playing with only Bauer, and I know this may sound weird, but Warrior sticks feel so much lighter to me than Bauer ones. I guess my real question is, if W01 = PM9, why does Warrior make it impossible to find a W01 stick in-store? I've even searched Pure, Monkey, Ice Warehouse, etc. in the $200+ sticks and W01 is never listed as an option.
  5. Hey gang. I've been using a W03 for a while now, and it's been fine. Lately I feel like the puck is jumping over my blade though when I really need that toe drag most, so I've been checking out the W28 and considering trying that blade out. Has anyone made that jump recently and if so what were your thoughts? I have no slap shot whatsoever, so quick wristers or snap shots is all I relay on. But that leads to my next question... I've also been considering a W01 because I got to my backhand A LOT. But I'm finding it near impossible to find a Warrior with that blade pattern anywhere. Anyone have a secret site they use for Warrior W01 sticks? And yes, I know I may be limiting myself, but I really like Warrior's sticks and they're my go-to now.
  6. I'm going through this right now and was about to make a post asking for some other sites or what people think. I try to find a stick/blade for less than $70 and give it a try for a game or two. If I don't like it, I try to sell it to someone. This approach is much easier said than done though.
  7. That's a bingo. It's a sweet spot where there is and isn't big padding, depending on how I high I hike the pants up. I'm going to check out those shock doctor slide shorts I think. Fortunately I have a week off from game to try and rest it up. Thanks dude!
  8. My current pants are CCM Vector 06. Never had this problem before when I would fall. And there is padding there, but I'm wondering if maybe they're too big on me now and the shell is shifting on me when I am going down.
  9. I know I'm opening this up for insults and jokes, and that's OK, I kind of just need to vent, and maybe get some advice from you all after you get your zings in. The last three games, I have pulled almost the identical play of hitting a rut with my right skate and then falling hard on my right hip/ass cheek, and this third time, it hurts guys. I'm assuming a very deep bruise in said cheek, but hurts to the point it was waking me up last night when I would roll over. I'm looking at my shell today, and nothing seems worn out, but is it time for new pants? Is that even the problem, or have I just been unlucky falling on the same exact spot three weeks in a row? Again, feel free to get your yucks out, and if you have any suggestions, let me have it. Hope this made you chuckle.
  10. Thanks for the replies everyone, and wow, I wasn't expecting to see so much love for STX. The only downside now is the little hockey store here in the South only carrying the big brands, and maybe having to do the whole purchase/return route until I find a pair I like. And to those suggesting the tailor route to fix the velco, I was thinking about that as well, but some of the foam on my current pads is starting to crack and puff out, so it's time for a new pair in general. Of all the gear I think the elbow pads are the things that I've never been happy with and just tolerated without getting too attached to.
  11. Well here we are folks, I've reached the point where the velcro on my elbow pads is no longer sticking, and I'm tired of having to readjust and re-strap them multiple times a game. I know this is a very broad question, but who's making the best elbow pads right now? My current ones are Reebok, but I've been using Warrior gloves for a while now and really like them. Are their elbow pads just as good? Or should I go with the good ol' Bauer? Thanks in advance.
  12. If I can piggyback on this thread... I haven't owned rollerblades in many years but want to get a pair to get back into skating while rinks are up in the air. Are roller hockey skates usually the same size as ice skates? What's a good brand that offers a decent, cheap option, if any exist. I don't want Wal-Mart blades, but I'm also not going to go play in these any time soon, if that makes sense. Thanks folks!
  13. Thanks everyone. So I see Warrior has discontinued Dynasty, so is Covert like Bauer's Vapor and Alpha like Nexus?
  14. Thanks for the reply. When you mean tighter, do you mean more in the cuff or in the palm/fingers?
  15. Hey everyone, I wanted to see if anyone has any insight into how similar or off glove sizes are between Warrior and Bauer. For example, I wear 15" Bauers, are Warriors 15" pretty much the same size/coverage or is are there any weird tweaks? Any help with this would be much appreciated.
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