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  1. yeah, I'm going to give it more time. I have Bauer bumps bad in my right heel, but I put a gel pad in the skates and they feel great now. going to give it more time considering I took a couple month break from hockey.
  2. tough to say, max of 20, but it's been spread out. skated on them about 5-9 times from November-december and have skated less than 10 times on them since then. Just getting into skating 1-2 times a week now. Edit: probablyy 12-15 times maybe. I have never had this stiff of a boot either if that impacts it at all.
  3. I am getting pain in my jet speed ft1's in the front of my arch and back of my forefoot, it is in both skates. I have worn jet speed 290's in the past and they fit great, but they were a size too small and I had to size up. Any tips? thanks.
  4. havent updated in a while helmet: Bauer reakt 95 With a concept 3 Shoulders: CCM CL Elbows:CCM RBZ Gloves:N9000 Pants: Easton pro10 Shins: Easton c7.0s (I have twig legs and these are the only ones that fit) Skates:CCM FT1 Sticks: CCM Jetspeed p28 75 flex True a5.2 SBP Tc4 75 Flex
  5. Helmet-Bauer Reakt Cage: Bauer Rbe 3/Concept 3 Shoulder pads:Ccm cl Elbow pads: Ccm RBZ Le Pants:Easton Cx Shin guards:Easton Cx skates:Ccm 290 Gloves:CCM 30k Sticks:Warrior Qrl Simmonds pro stock (p28 75 Flex). Warrior HD1 p28 74 flex
  6. Helmet: Bauer Reakt Cage: CCM FM580 black Shoulder pads: CCM CL Elbow: CCM RBZ 150 Gloves: CCM 30k Pants: Easton c7.0 Shins: Easton c7.0 Skates: CCM Jetspeed 290 Sticks: True a5.2 pro tc2 80 flex, Easton CX e3 85 flex
  7. Any idea as to how they would fair in very competitive full contact hockey?
  8. I previously had the 16ks and wasn't too impressed, switched over to cls but they are falling apart, from what I have seen is that the x100s are basically the same pad as the apx2s
  9. Looks like I'll be getting the x100s or the apx2s, any ideas as to how these fit vs the reebok 16ks or the ccm cls?
  10. Anybody have any idea how protective these are, there on clearance for really cheap and look light as well as low profile but as someone who has shoulder issues they don't look that protective. (My cls are falling apart). Any insight as to how they play and sizing compared to ccm cls would be great!
  11. Got to pick one up while getting new skates and it feels pretty good. Not sure how it'll work but it fet really good
  12. Looking to get a new pair of skates, I currently have the RBZ 80s but they are too wide. Right now I am looking at the tacks 5052, ccm jetspeed 280, ccm rbcor 46k, and the bauer 180/190(last year). As well as the nexus 7000. I know they are all different fits and I will probably be trying them all on, so out of these which one would you recommend, if you would like to know the fit the rbz 80s were a little too wide and a previous pair of vapors was too tight in the toebox! Thanks!
  13. Looking to get a new pair of skates that my lhs does not carry. I wear a size 7.5 in ccm rbzs so what would I be in Bauer Supremes or CCM JetSpeed's? thanks!
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