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  1. yeah, I'm going to give it more time. I have Bauer bumps bad in my right heel, but I put a gel pad in the skates and they feel great now. going to give it more time considering I took a couple month break from hockey.
  2. tough to say, max of 20, but it's been spread out. skated on them about 5-9 times from November-december and have skated less than 10 times on them since then. Just getting into skating 1-2 times a week now. Edit: probablyy 12-15 times maybe. I have never had this stiff of a boot either if that impacts it at all.
  3. I am getting pain in my jet speed ft1's in the front of my arch and back of my forefoot, it is in both skates. I have worn jet speed 290's in the past and they fit great, but they were a size too small and I had to size up. Any tips? thanks.
  4. havent updated in a while helmet: Bauer reakt 95 With a concept 3 Shoulders: CCM CL Elbows:CCM RBZ Gloves:N9000 Pants: Easton pro10 Shins: Easton c7.0s (I have twig legs and these are the only ones that fit) Skates:CCM FT1 Sticks: CCM Jetspeed p28 75 flex True a5.2 SBP Tc4 75 Flex
  5. Helmet-Bauer Reakt Cage: Bauer Rbe 3/Concept 3 Shoulder pads:Ccm cl Elbow pads: Ccm RBZ Le Pants:Easton Cx Shin guards:Easton Cx skates:Ccm 290 Gloves:CCM 30k Sticks:Warrior Qrl Simmonds pro stock (p28 75 Flex). Warrior HD1 p28 74 flex
  6. Helmet: Bauer Reakt Cage: CCM FM580 black Shoulder pads: CCM CL Elbow: CCM RBZ 150 Gloves: CCM 30k Pants: Easton c7.0 Shins: Easton c7.0 Skates: CCM Jetspeed 290 Sticks: True a5.2 pro tc2 80 flex, Easton CX e3 85 flex
  7. We have him a hard time once he starting playing to ruin everyone's time
  8. I completely agree. The guy who got bumped into was actually really skilled.
  9. played some open on Friday and someone got bumped into on accident by a college club player on my team and started flipping out and made it his duty to ruin everyone's time.
  10. Anyone know of a flyers, Devils or philly/jersey area sale??
  11. Helmet:Bauer ims 9.0 Cage: Bauer concept 3 fishbowl shoulder pads: CCM CL Elbow pads:Stock reebok 9k Pants: Easton c7.0 shins:Warrior HD3 Skates:CCM RBZ 80* Gloves: CCM 30k KFS Sticks:True a5.2 pro tc2 80 flex, Oshie HD1 prostock 80 flex* *=Planning on upgrading soon
  12. Decided I would update mine Helmet: Bauer 7500 Cage: CCM FM580 Shoulders: CCM CL Elbows: Reebok 9k* Gloves: Warrior AX1* Pants: Easton c7.0 Shins: Warrior HD3 Skates: CCM RBZ 130* Sticks: Warrior HD1 Oshie Pro-Stock 80 flex(x2) *=planning to upgrade soon
  13. Helmet: Warrior Krown 360 Cage: Black CCM FM580 Shoulers: Reebok 16k Elbows: Reebok 9k Pants: Easton c7.0 Shins: Reebok 16k Skates: CCM RBZ 130 Gloves: Prostock Warrior AX1 Stick: Prostock Oshie HD1 80 Flex x2
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