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  1. Beautiful! Man I wish I could get a pair but I'm down here in Florida:(
  2. Take a look at the holders in the pic that @larry54 posted of Gretzky... It's possible that I'm wrong but it looks like the Step/VH holder from the cutouts on the holder and the screw in the back. Let me know what you think.
  3. And It looks like The Great One Is the first to have the new Step/VH Holders!?
  4. @MikeBoyarchuk Hi Mike, Just a quick question... Do you make the Powerfoot Inserts that fit VH skates? I have a pair of VH and they fit great but they just have a little bit of room that I want to get rid of in the toe box... Plus I've had Powerfoot Inserts in my Bauer 1X skates and really got used to the comfort and performance factor they provide. Thanks!
  5. Thanks Larry. I tried to call before ordering yesterday to ask and no one answered. I may ask them to just cancel the steel if possible since I already have two spare sets of steel at the house.
  6. Hey Guys, I just put in my order for VH Skates and I have to say although I'm extremely excited I'm also a little nervous... I do have one question- When ordering I didn't see a place to tell them how I'd like the runners to be profiled and sharpened... So I just put it in the notes section at the end of the order. I hope that is correct but please let me know if it's not. Thanks!
  7. I would definitely like to know how these compare to the VH because I've currently been skating in the Super Tacks for about 2 months and like them a whole lot more than my 1X's, but for me they just aren't "perfect"... I'm just not sure if perfect is even possible with hockey skates:( but I would imagine VH would be as close as possible. I measured my feet/took tracings and pictures, but have yet to pull the trigger on the VH for some odd reason... Think I'm worried the VH won't fit any better than the Super Tacks or that I've screwed up the tracings or measurements somehow. @laserrobottime Anyway I'd really like to know how they compare. My email is vasawchuk1234@gmail.com if you want to go that route.
  8. Interesting, I'll have to look into these. How does the sizing run... True, large, or small?
  9. Hey guys, Just had my first skate with my Super Tacks after baking and profiling the steel yesterday. All I can say is man are these things nice... Coming from Vapor 1X that I was skating in for about a year which fit well up until about 3 months ago when only my right heel started to slip out of the heel pocket which started to cause Haglunds bump:/, so I decided to give the Super Tacks a try. I had the steel profiled to a 9ft radius with a slight toe down pitch to match what I had done on my LS3 runners... The first thing I noticed was that I had no pain at all (which is crazy to me on the first time out with them) and the great forward flex I was getting, after a little warm up we got a little small area scrimmage going and I honestly just felt more agile and felt like my tight turns, starts, and stops were more effortless. I have a tier II mens league game tonight and before I tried out the Super tacks today I told myself that I would just wear my 1X's for a few more games until I got used to the Super Tacks but SCREW that noise I'm Repping the new Jets and feel great about it! One thing I was considering before I even bought the Super tacks is throwing a pair of Tuuk Edge holders on them... But as it stands right now I might not even do that, We'll see.
  10. Just wondering if anyone has used the Speed plates to help with haglunds bumps??? My right heel is just starting to really hurt while skating (I don't have a big bump yet, and I'm trying to prevent that from happening) and last night it started to hurt while wearing tennis shoes:( I currently have superfeet yellow inserts and have been using the superfeet in my vapor 1x's for about 6 months and the pain just started to happen about a month ago, only on the back closer to the outside of my right heel. I was thinking maybe the speed plates would form to my feet and the inside of the skate, lowering my foot in the boot and possibly alleviate the pain... And just so everyone knows, I don't have the pair of speed plates that came with my 1x's. So I am asking what your thoughts are before I go out and spend the $50 on a pair. Thanks for your help!
  11. Has anyone tried out a FBV 90/1 sharpening?? I usually us a 90/75 but the only guy I let sharpen my skates just got a 90/1 stone... Anyone know how close it would be to the 90/75? I feel like I could use just a hair more edge but love the glide from the 90/75. Any insight would be appreciated. Thanks!
  12. I currently have your TC3 curve... How much different is the TC3 from the TC4??
  13. Are the new carbon pro hockey superfeet going to have the same fit profile as the yellows?? I have had my Yellows for about 4 months and really like them, so I would upgrade as long as the fit profile is the same!
  14. Thank you for the quick response. I currently wear Vapor 1x because I like the tighter heel fit/ lock, but always have to punch out the the outside fore-foot area due to my wide fore-foot.
  15. Hey Phantom, Can you tell us a little bit about the fit of your current skate offering? I understand they're highly heat mold-able... But what does the fit of the skate best compare to... Vapor, Supreme, Or Nexus??? Thank you in advance!
  16. Thanks for the info and quick response... I just got done playing so i'll try to carefully remove them, bake, and then try to re-install the inserts.
  17. Anyone have experience baking skates once the powerfoot inserts have been added to the skates??? I know common sense tells me it wouldn't be the best for the adhesive that attaches the insert to the toe cap of the skate, but I just put Superfeet yellow insoles in my skates and would like to re-bake them to accommodate for the slight heel lift from the Superfeet. Any info or past experience of baking skates that already have powerfoot inserts would be greatly appreciated. P.S. I freaking love my powerfoot inserts and would feel weird skating without them! Thanks gang
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