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  • Skates
    Bauer Vapor XX
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    NikeBauer One95 Shaft / NB One95 Comp Blade
  • Gloves
    Easton Pro Stock Buffalo Sabres
  • Helmet
    Bauer 4500/Oakley Straight Small
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    Easton Air
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    Team issued bag from juniors

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    Western New York
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    Hockey, Cars, The Tragically Hip
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  1. Here is my new joint...2012 Hyundai Veloster. Style package.
  2. David's goal vs. the Islanders made Sportscenter's top NHL plays of the year, #7.
  3. Yea same here...mabye it will just wait a week before it re-ups on your credit card?
  4. New playlists are live, and apparently any map pack early adopters that had initial issues are getting a free week of live tacked on their account.
  5. If you end up not liking it lemme know! :P
  6. I kinda feel the same...I primarily snipe, so alot of the time im holding down the same area. Ill move if im starting to feel alot of pressure on me. But honestly, there should be no complaints about people camping, watch your kill kam!
  7. Will do...anything specific?
  8. Yeah the availability of their stuff is weakkkk. They are still selling old black and red stuff at the arena. I was lucky to snag my gloves when I did.
  9. I cannot stand some of the iron sights. The FAL being one of them. Some are bearable to use though.
  10. For real...that can be really dangerous, especially if it was one of these:
  11. New hack that's floating about on xbox live...if you are unlucky enough to kill one of these motherf'ers, instead of getting your +50 or +100 EXP, you get -5000000, thus dropping you back to a level 1. Retarded. Hasn't happened to me yet, but it is happening enough to cause a problem obviously.
  12. The patch released a few days ago...."infinity ammo and Public "private" match issues on the Xbox 360 version, the Prestige hack on PS3 and the texture hack on PC. Also, the 1887 has been balanced on all platforms -- now, you might actually stand a chance against an opponent wielding two of those." (via Joystiq) From what I've seen most stuff is fixed...but from time to time i still get killed in some ridiculous manner by someone using the 1887's. Something that has really been annoying me lately are people using marathon pro, lightweight pro, commando pro, and their handgun of choice with tactical knife. Just running around knifing people. Ugh it irritates me for some reason.
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