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  1. That seems to be a common occurance.... I did the exact same thing to both intakes I had. With the second one, I didn't even crank down the screws that much and it still cracked.
  2. Ex European pros that sandbag on lower division beer league teams.
  3. Look on the bright side, with no date you get chance to chat up all the single bridesmaids!
  4. Found out today that there is a good chance that my dog has cancer. He's only 3 years old.
  5. That's no good about the shoulder. If you can help it, don't put off surgery too long. I have a friend who dislocated one of his back in high school and kept on postponing getting it fixed. His shoulder eventually became so loose that he could barely lift his arm above is head without it popping out.
  6. It's good to hear that most of the sharpeners on here don't condone line jumping. I've experienced it first hand and its not too fun to watch your skates get cycled back to the end as each subsequent rep player shows up.... The problem is some shops and employees allow que jumping and as a result it fosters a sense of entitlement for certain players and their parents.
  7. I guess with Murray gone this now means that David can go back wearing white skates...
  8. Any idea why the steel is 280 when my vapors (same size, 9.5) have 288? I've wondered this as well, as I used to have pair of Vapor Shifts and Vapor XIX's (of the same generation) that had this decrepency. Each were 9.5D, however the Shift had a 280 lightspeed and the XIX a 288. It seemed strange that skates of the same manufacturer, length, width, and last would have different holder measurements. The only differnece I could discern between the two was that the Shifts were a Canadian made SMU.
  9. Had a natural hat trick in back to back shifts tonight. I don't usually score a ton of goals but some nights the puck just finds the net.
  10. Tonight we played against the one team in our mens league that has women on the roster. I don't have an problem with women in the league per se, as they are fairly skilled players (i.e. ex college players). The issue I do have is they way some of them swing their sticks. They simply have no regard for players who don't wear full cages. I stole the puck from one of the women, and proceded to get a slash across the wrist and then a stick across the the visor and upper lip. No stitches as the shield did what it was supposed to do. However, if i can`t buff the scratch out it looks like I will be visor shopping soon...
  11. Ebay 101... If you waited til the final minutes to place your bid you may have been able to get them for a lot less ;) I never place a bid with more than 5 minutes to go (usually try to wait til under 1 minute to be honest), especially when you think someone else is watching/bidding Unfortunately I tore my ACL a few weeks ago and am in the process of planning my next course of action, so that means no new gear for me for a while, I'm spending my money on camera gear and/or car parts for the time being (although I'm going to try to get to the Islanders sale to see what I can pick up, I'll make sure to report back if I do). Off topic from show it off, but I only bid with 5 secs left. I cannot for the life of me, figure out why people bid on items days and hours in advance, unless there is a reserve. Can someone explain? I think it has to do with the theory that bidder is supposed to be entering the maximum amount that he/ she is willing to pay for the item. Therefore, it shouldn't matter whether the bid is placed at the begining of the auction, or in the last seconds. If the bidder loses an auction, it was beacuse they weren't willing to pay more for the particular item.
  12. Drew, I am truely jealous. Back in highschool I wanted a Pair of those Eastons in Chicago colours so badly. Were most of those gloves found on Ebay?
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