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    Easton Aluminum...from like 20 years ago.
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    CCM 6052
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    Bauer 5100
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    Reebok, University of North Dakota
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    Bauer pro vintage
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    RBK 20K pro
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    Jofa 3190
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    Mammoth IPA 2.0

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  1. I had basically the same issue (look at my post on Pg 111). Anyway I emailed True, they had a shipping label for me the next day. Unfortunately I was moving so it took a week for me to be able to send them back, but I sent them in. They went in overnight and I had them back perfectly repaired two days after I mailed them out. From the images, it looks like we had the exact same thing, anyway they were extremely helpful and very quick. If you have any other questions or anything feel free to send me a PM.
  2. So, I just heard back from True, they said that they would send me a new pair of tongues if I wanted and that the bubbling was superficial, but if I wanted that they would send me a shipping label and I could send it back I to have it look nice. I'm going to have them send me a shipping label and I will be sending them back in to have the issue corrected, I don't think that's too much to ask. Anyway before I send them in I plan on skating on them every day until the shipping label comes. Still can't wait to get them on the ice, tonight will be the first time!
  3. So yes, the only thing different between the black and white tongues is the color. They have three different tongues (I think)...the regular, the long and the metatarsal. I believe that you can get all three in either black or white, at least those are the options that I was given.
  4. Just sent them an email, I'll keep you all posted.
  5. Thanks bud, just changed it up. I had no idea!
  6. Mine just game in today. Unlike Fletch, mine just came in the cardboard shipping box so I didn't get cool bag, box or letter of authenticity, but I'm still happy. I just got back from getting them baked, the fit is super tight, but felt like no other skate that I have ever tried on, I'm really looking forward to taking them for a spin tomorrow. There is one superficial issue and that is with the second set of tongues that I got, at the top one has the imprints above the true logo and the other doesn't, purely a superficial issue, but in all honesty for what I paid, I expected a little more on the quality control. The second issue which may or may not affect the integrity of the skate is the sealant on the bottom. On the bottom of my right boot you can see where the sealant did not adhere correctly and flaked off...it looks like it bubbled over and cracked off. Other than that, they look great and feel great. I'll let you know how they feel once I take them for a spin. This is purely superficial. These next two are what I don't know about.
  7. If you could do a few pictures of the inside and skate pocket area that would be awesome! That's what I'm looking for the most...internal organization.
  8. @GloriousLeader @nickstigos @RickDC Thanks for all your replies...No idea how I missed them until now. Yes, exactly what I was looking for you all rock!!!
  9. @jcushing So, looking at your bags I have a couple of questions...1) Where is your bag made? I have been looking at the Mammoth and I really like the fact that it is made in North America, however it doesn't have the skate pockets that yours does, so that's kind of a big deal too. and 2) Do you have a physical store? I live in SD and am up in the greater LA area at least twice a week for work. I'd love to stop by if you have an actual store. Also, I travel a lot and I typically bring my gear with me, so it takes a lot of abuse. I average about 120 days away from home a year. The last bag I had was an old Itech bag that lasted almost 15 years (with lots of minor fabric tape repairs, but no zipper issues and no seam issues. How well will your bag hold up? I'd love to get at least 10 years out of it. Let me know bro, I'd love to support my fellow SoCal hockey boys!
  10. About a month ago I was looking for a new hockey bag and came across a local (for me) company out of the greater LA area that was making hockey lifestyle gear and what looked like a great hockey bag. Unfortunately I didn't save the bookmark and it's no longer in my history. Does anyone have any idea what company it might be? I just remember that it was pretty small, they had some t-shirts and such, but it was def. based on CA and the LA area. Any help is greatly appreciated!
  11. So, I'm just getting back into playing again and I'm up in the greater bay area for the summer. I saw that Sharks Ice has adult hockey classes on Saturday at both the Fremont and San Jose locations. I was wondering if anyone had any recommendations for one rink over the other. I'm in Fremont, so that is closer, but I have no problem driving to San Jose. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated!
  12. Amazon, Elite Hockey....They sell XL's for size 13.
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