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  1. My foot is usually between a really narrow D width or a C width. Its kinda shaped like the opposite of the V. (Not really but I'm sure you guys get the point) At the moment, I'm wearing a One95 skate in a C width. And they fit bang on, but they are completely torn apart. So I'm on the market for some new skates. As far width goes, do the x60's D width even come close to a C width One95, or is much wider. Because a D width Vapor 40 felt like I was skating in the ocean. As far as the cut of the boot, are they as high cut and forward pitched as the One95's. Or do they feel more like the Vapors 40's in terms of boot cut and the pitch back on the heels.
  2. Ya, but if he's trying to send them back due to the huge chunk that's been taken out i'd be darned if they sent him another pair of skates. It was caused through normal usage of the skate. Its not like the boot just randomly lost a chunk haha, As for the out sole separation that is definitely an warranty issue but can also be considered under the normal game usage category if you know what i mean, since it was caused by the shot that he ended up taking off the foot.
  3. Hey Danc, If your from Sudbury ON. Is there any chance in the world that you picked those up at Skaters Edge on LaSalle? If so let me know if they still do skate trade in's.
  4. What did you trim that visor with? Sander? Grinder?
  5. Nothing to special over here, Removed, swapped, straightened and dyed some holders on my skates. Made some road hockey blades out of broken wooden sticks i had laying around the house Cleaned out the hosel in a lot of OPS', and also made some tapered blades with the ones that broke in half. Removed the adjustment flaps on the NBH 5500 helmet to replace them with screws. Removed ear pieces on some of my helmets. I use an Itech DX100 visor and found it to look to wide on my face with my 8K helmet, simply took out those plastic pieces that bolt on the side of the helmet and just drilled out a hole on each side and i know this may seem like nothing but you lose 3/16" on each side which made a difference. Replaced a few sets of tongues on my skates. Curved some blades and also repaired them with some epoxy, glue etc. Converted some skates to roller blades, and drilled out some vent holes on the bottom of my skates Removed the bicep protectors on the shoulder pads, and the slash guards on my elbow pads Made some wooden plugs for my sticks and i also made some that i used to put a broken OPS back together, so id be able to use them for road hockey, lasted a lot longer then most of you would think. Sewed 1/4" off the top of my Jock Plus neck guard, it was made for someone who had a 3 foot neck, literally :P And i think that's about it for me haha
  6. Hockey been out for a while in our town but the sticks are always on special at the LHS .. so I dropped a few bills on some new sticks haha! 2X 110 flex Pro Stock Synergy Grip, small Drury curve (they both have grip, even the blue one) 1X 102 flex NBH One90 Stick'um P91A Staal 1X 87 flex NBH One90 Stick'um P91A Staal 1X 100 flex Synergy SE Drury 1X 95 flex Pro Stock Stealth CNT Grip, small Drury curve (Its a repainted SE, the blade construction is the same, they have the same shaft shape, and a visible fuse point) Those are all the new twigs I bought recently.. heres the rest of them.. some are missing because their at my dads. I have some ST, SE's, CNT shafts in there. Some TPS R8's, RBK 7k, One90, Z-Bubbles, Synergy's, all of them are broken OPS's i turned into shaft that I use for ball hockey. And last but not least, my Vapor XXXX skate creation: Through on some 1980's era CCM Tacks Tongues one there, my Bauer one were falling completely apart.
  7. played against brett perlini? Yes i did, terrific hockey player, I think we were the only team he played against that he wasn't able to dangle and do his stuff because of our systems. The only bad thing I have to say, when he skates with the puck, he does so many head fakes and body movements that he looks like a wet spaghetti noodle on skates.
  8. wow, garbage luck for sure.
  9. Abitibi Eskimos Jr.A (NOJHL)
  10. Throwing my body around And heres me again, later on in the season. Switched from number 19 to number 10, because my grandfather passed away on the 10th of February, so I though I would do a little something to remember him.
  11. My vote goes for the guy who works his ass off for no reason when everyone else if having a good time, and just trying to have some fun. This guy is slashing, hooking, you name, just overboard on everything you can think of. But then again he does it to the wrong guy and well the case is closed after that haha.
  12. More flex zones = more areas for the stick to break IMO. And what is the actual retail price for those composite TPS plugs?
  13. I had a Stajan SL, and his curve IMO is hands down the best curve I've ever used.
  14. man your one tall motherf8cker haha, you have what a 6" plug on a retail length stealth, thats huge, im 6'2 and i don't even have that long of a stick lol!!
  15. Its the P91A, I know it seems very similar but i do find a bit difference, any reason why they would switch it for that?
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