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  1. Quinnipiac University in Hamden CT D1 ECAC
  2. Haven't updated a pic of the family in a long time. From L->R All RH QU X60 Shaft 77 Heichman Pro Stock Jaime "Lags" Langenbrunner Easton ST dressed as SE Elite INT Easton SE Grip Sakic Warrior AK27 Grip with One90 P88 blade Ballistik .52 Cal P91 clone Brand New Easton S15 85 with Sherwood SOP blade QU One95 Shaft 85 Tyson x2 one with Sherwood SOP and one with One60 Gagne QU X60 Shaft 77 Heichman with Ballistik P72 clone NBH One95 87 PM9 Brand New QU Bauer One95 87 P29 Langlois Team Canada NBH One95 95 Lalonde NBH XXX-Lite Shaft with Ballistik P72 clone NBH XXX-Lite "Woody" OPS 87 PM9 x2 one brand new Easton ST 100 Sakic Brand New Easton S17 85 Zetterberg Brand New QU X60 87 P29 Langlois Easton S15 85 with Pro Stock NBH P72 blade Easton SE Grip 100 Getzlaf QU X60 87 PM9 Dunbar QU X60 87 PM9 Grip Robinson Brand New Easton S17 85 Zetterberg (The Favorite)
  3. Louis LeBlanc, #20 on Harvard University, the team has a Warrior deal, gloves, sticks, pants.
  4. Freshman Center Ben Arnt #20, and yes it was against Colgate, not Cornell.
  5. Not possible! Where did you get those and are there any left in the same flex and curve???
  6. Update: 15" One70 Shins One90 Elbows White-out White/Green NBH 4 Roll Pro Gloves Warrior Ak27 NG Shaft 85 Flex Easton Synergy SE Sakic 65 Flex (Too small of a shaft) Heatley Sr. RH ST RB (Yellow one) Sakic Z-Carbon RB
  7. They're the Koho ones I think
  8. Update: Shins- Bauer 6000 Pants- Tackla 9000 Skates- NBH One90's (awesome) Shoulders- Bauer Lightspeed 8000 Elbows- Nike V-14 but getting new ones soon Gloves- NBH One90's Sticks- 3 NBH one60 (all broken now), Synergy ST Grip 65 Sakic, but on its way out
  9. Nope its the One60, I've broken two already in less than a month so I'm going back to composites soon.
  10. Marc 9- Yes, I did re-spray paint the blade since it looked like shit and it went a little higher. Langs- Yeah, it's the same, just Northern Valley Old Tappan is the shool's full name Quintin- That's not so much green, but our school's colors are Green and White so.....
  11. Me against Northern Valley Old Tappan: We won 6-2, had 2 assists that night.
  12. how do you like the one60 woodie i am thinkin about getting one for a back up I actually really like it. I liked it so much I actually got another one and I benched the ST Grip. Since they're cheap (US $30 around here) I would suggest you try one out. Also it's like an ounce more than my ST but still feels light.
  13. Update: NBH One90 Skates 2 NBH One60 woodies Gagne NBH One90 gloves All black Bauer 6000 Shin pads 14" Upcoming: Bauer 5000 white Tackla Pants
  14. Really likin' those XXX's MC. Pro-Stock?
  15. WOW!!! Jason those look incredible! What kind of palm did you get on those? And of course I gotta ask how much they were.
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