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    CCM Jetspeed(Ice) Supreme 7000 Conversion(Inline)
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    Easton Synergy GX
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    Easton Synergy GX
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    Bauer 7500
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    Sherwood T90
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    Bauer X60
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  1. I emailed the seller and they told me that it’s one type of custom finish that pro stock can come with. This specific one is a sanded grip. Its moot for me because I’m going to tape it heel to toe.
  2. So I ordered a new Pro Stock stick Super Tacks 2.0 and it doesn’t have a coating on the blade. This is the first time I have ever seen this. Is this common for anybody else? I have ordered these in the past and they always have the normal coating but This one is very rough. Doesn’t seem as though it’s a problem but I was just curious.
  3. I'm 6'1 about 215lbs and I recently went all the way down to a 75 Flex. But depending on the stick brand, I have varying results. For instance the Easton Synergy 750GX and CCM RBZ 360 at 75 Flex are good for me. However, prior to those two sticks I used Easton Synergy HTX at 100 Flex and the RBZ 260 at 85 Flex. The old Easton HTX's would loosen up after a few games but the RBZ was stiff until the day it broke. But from your post, it sounds like the 85(or 87 in Bauer) is probably your sweet spot.
  4. Digging up an old thread here but I bought the 750 GX in early summer and it's been good so far. Took quite a beating with faceoffs and still has good pop on it. They appear to be on sale just about everywhere now too so you can probably find higher models in that $100 price range.
  5. Jetspeed replaced the RBZ i'm pretty sure. While they look similar, the fit is very very different from my understanding. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jXURYf8GykU
  6. Right on. I tried the e28 and hated it. Shooting was incredible but I couldn't stick handle with it to save my life. I have 3 Easton Synergy HTX in E36 left before I need to find a suitable replacement brand.
  7. Would have been nice to see some kinda of Easton variant stick be made by Bauer but it seems like that acquisition was just to eliminate competition I assume. Then again, I guess they don't really need it either.
  8. I think you're right on this one. Seems like Rocketframe promoted heel lock while something like the Attackframe on Tacks promotes forward flex and acceleration. I could be wrong though. Either way those new FT1's look pretty awesome. I really want to try out one of CCM's new single-boot construction.
  9. I have been using a E36 Easton for many years now and the closest I found to that was the P40 but i'm not a big fan of the square toe on that CCM pattern. Is the CCM P29 easy to adjust to from an E36(or p88 in Bauer).
  10. I did too.I wear a 12 shoe and wear 9.5 in JetSpeed. My understanding is that this is pretty common in current generation CCM skates. I was a 10 in Bauer Vapor. I love the Jetspeed but there is a small defect that I encountered with the eyelets 3-4 on the skates. They begin to crush from normal use. There is actually thread about this that I will try to find and link. Otherwise, incredible fit and feel.
  11. Yeah, this was my thinking as well. Some people say that they may not need honing at all? Is there truth to this? Will skating on them without any hone be unbearable? For my hyperglides I had an Arkansas stone which when used lightly wouldn't ruin the finish. But one of my Runners was snapped in half from a shot. Hence how I ended up with these new CCM Black runners.
  12. Yeah, that's what I gathered from it as well. This is actually a mask wipe but they have the description wrong on their site. I emailed them about it and they told me it was wrong. I appreciate the links from you and Mojo. I'm assuming the LHS would have something like this to hone black edge properly but I wanted to have one on hand in the event that they don't. Thanks again.
  13. Digging up an old thread here but is the NASH Leather Chamois the proper item to use? I found one online and the description says it's for skates but the picture says it's for Goalie Masks. I'm looking to find proper care for the CCM Speedblade Black runners that a replacing Hyperglides. http://www.hockeyworld.com/NASH-Chamois
  14. I have only shipped 1 stick and I used the box that I had from when I bought one new from Hockey Giant. USPS moved it for around $15. However, I recently bought a stick from Hockey Monkey and it only came in a black bag with the plastic wrap on it. So the bubble wrap method would probably be more cost efficient.
  15. I did the change from Vapor to Jetspeed and couldn't happier. The break in on the Jetspeeds were a little longer but overall, the skate is incredible. JetSpeed might fit a .5 size smaller than Vapor also so if you're thinking about buying, just make sure to get sized.
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