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  1. Yep, it sure did. I was very confused on Monday when I got the FedEx notice of a package coming from Montreal. I had completely forgotten that I won the hat.
  2. Here is an Ovi Pro Stock vs. an Oshie Pro Stock. The Oshie I believe is a regular P08. They start the same but Ovi's twists/opens up at the toe.
  3. Hahah noted, though don't see these going anywhere :-)
  4. I was surprised/happy with how snug they were for 14" gloves. I'd say they fit closer to 13.5" which is perfect for me.
  5. Awesome gloves. I actually just got a pair of these exact gloves this past weekend and love them.
  6. Pretty excited about these
  7. Yes, I am in a D width 68K. I think the newer Ribcors are wider than the previous generation but I never tried those so I can't say from personal experience.
  8. I had the same issue with the Nexus in terms of it being great for my forefoot but too big for the heel. I'm in Ribcor 68Ks now and I feel like it's perfect. It is nice and tight on my heel and works great for my forefoot.
  9. Did you bake the 70Ks? I will say on my 68Ks the fit and feel pre and post bake was fairly dramatic. They felt ok to me pre-bake but post-bake they really shaped to my foot and felt great.
  10. For those using Step Black Steel on their Sparx, does it require more passes on the first sharpen to get the edge set up than regular steel? I've got fresh Step Black that I'm going to be sharpening for the first time today so just trying to plan for how many passes to make. On fresh LS3 steel I usually do 10 and then put market on the blade and do 2-4 more until it's completely gone. Any one else have other experiences worth sharing?
  11. I hope it works out but I know I wouldn't accept that issue with the carbon fiber on a skate at that price point. Hopefully they are able to make things right for you.
  12. As a quick update since I’m sure everyone is on the edge of their seat, the 68Ks felt great on the ice. Seemed to have the perfect balance of stiffness and flexibility for me. I felt no discomfort in any of the spots where the supremes were killing me The heel lock and wrap around the rest of my foot felt spot on. Now I just need to decide if I put TUUK edge holders on them with step steel or just get step for the SB 4.0 holder.
  13. I think the fit of the new Ribcors released last summer is a decent bit different than previous versions. The heel lock on both didn’t feel vastly different to me. What did was how it felt around my ankles as well as the rest of the foot heading towards the toe box. Either way I hope it translates to comfort and effectiveness on the ice.
  14. As a quick update, I went last night to try on more skates. By far the one that felt the best on my foot was the RibCor so I went with a set of 68K. They were baked last night and got even more comfortable. The real test will be tomorrow morning when I take them out on the ice. Thanks for the advice and help everyone.
  15. Thanks for the advice everyone. I went and tried on some other skates this evening (primarily RibCor line skates). The RibCor skates felt much better but I couldn't find anything that felt perfect. It's hard to say what a bake will do. From what I can tell my issue with the S180 is a combination of the stiffness of the boot and the width on my right foot. I'm thinking the jump from the N7000 boot to the S180 boot is probably way more than I'm ready for. I unfortunately ran out of time but I will probably go try a S170 E width if I can find one. I'm also trying to figure out if the RibCor 66k is a better progression from the N7000 or if I should go up to the 68 or 70.
  16. I think from a size numbering prospective is what they meant, not a volume perspective. I'm not sure though.
  17. I thought so as well. The shop said that Nexus run small and the amount my toes were brushing the toe caps was similar between the two. It still seems confusing to me. I have an ability to return the skates even though they've been baked, sharpened and skated on. I'm debating going back and checking out maybe Ribcor 68k or 70ks or other options rather than trying to salvage a fit that might not be right on these. I'm still debating it though.
  18. haha well that would be interesting. I didn't mean bland in the sense of not enough colors but just boring. I had like all their previous third/winter classic choices so I had high expectations.
  19. Interesting, the foot beds that came with them definitely didn't have those tabs on them.
  20. Appreciate the response. I'm not aware of any tabs to cut but I can take a look later. I ended up skating the second half of my game last night not using the top eyelet which seemed to help a little but didn't completely solve the problem. I also figured that I needed to play around with how I tie them compared to how I tied my previous skates. Thanks again.
  21. I like some of the finer details like on the numbers but overall I think it's sort of bland.
  22. Hey everyone. I was hoping to get some advice on pain I've been having in my new skates. First some background. Prior to this weekend, I had been skating in Nexus N7000 skates (Size 7.5 D) for about 18 months. I was getting some discomfort from them recently and never felt like I had a great heel lock so I decided to get new skates. I went to the Pure Hockey store nearby and they had one of the Bauer 3D Skate Labs so we gave that a whirl. I tried it 2 times, once standing up straight and once with knee bend, and it came back both times saying I belonged in the Supreme Line, size 6.5 D. The only issue is that my left foot and right foot are different. My left foot was pretty much spot on or a bit smaller than 6.5 and exactly a D width. My right foot though is more like 6.75 and closer to a EE width. I wanted to get a better quality boot as I'm playing 3-4 times a week now so I had them bring out a 6.5 D Supreme S180. In store my left foot felt perfect and my right foot felt a little snug in the forefoot right behind the toe box but not painful. My toes were brushing the toe cap on the left and and little tighter on the right but felt fine when getting into a hockey stance. It seemed like a good fit so we went with it and baked them. I skated for the first time in them 24 hours later and it was not a pleasurable experience to say the least. On my left foot everything felt fine for the most part except I was getting some pain/pressure on my inside ankle area. On my right foot I was getting the same issue on my inside ankle area but also some discomfort in the area right before the toe box. I chalked it up to just needing to break them in as well as get use to the stiffer boot and got through it. I skated again last night and it seemed like the discomfort in my right foot only got worse with some of the same pressure/pain in my left foot around the inside ankle. I've also got what seems to be a blister right on the inside ankle of my right foot. This is my first time in a higher end boot so I'm trying to figure out if this is normal and will go away as I get more time in them or if there is a bigger issue that isn't going to solve itself. I am only an average skater so I also wonder if I went with too stiff a boot and would be better off in an S170. My other concern is that with the differences between my two feet, if I stay in a D I think my right foot may be in a skate that's too narrow but it's just fine for my left. If I go to a EE it will be the opposite with my right foot being probably just right but with my left foot being in a boot that's too wide. I'm not sure which is a better compromise. Apologies for the long winded post but was hoping to get some recommendations or advice on what to do here based on everyone's experience. Thanks in advance for the help!
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