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    white 9k/sprung/hyper virtue/bsb swiss
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    mission titanium rafalski/s17 sakic/rbk 10k crosby
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    franchise/easton pros/x72
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    bauer 4500/bauer 5100
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    roller: mission boss/rbk 7k
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    nbh one70
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    nbh vapor xxv
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    mission boss backpack

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  1. Justin, If a vapor cut is what works best for my heel would I be able to make a pair of Maxs or Shifts work for me? I'm looking to upgrade and I'd honestly like to support you guys.
  2. Didn't want to start another thread. Could I use a hummer frame from a size 10 tour GX7 boot on a size 8.5 one95 boot?
  3. Andy MacDonald total ones, X60 tongues
  4. Helmet: Bauer 5100 with an oakley pro aviator shield Shoulders: Jofa 8700s Elbows: Jofa 9177s Gloves: Rotating between Mark Eaton X:60s, Stephane Robidas franchises and James Neal SE6s Pants: Reebok 520 uppers with a set of easton lowers Shins: A now old pair of Warrior hustlers Skates: Ice - Pandolfo one95s Roller - X:60s with sprungs Sticks: EQ50 two piece with EQ50 blades and One95 tapereds with X:60 blades
  5. Most teams sell bags now. The islanders' cycle is three years I believe so everything was for sale this year. Equipment/toiletry/skate/laundry bags.
  6. Headed out to the islanders pro shop today. Gloves are short cuff comeaus. Bag is Okposo's. The Neal gloves of course were separate.
  7. I've seriously picked up those Rolstons like five times but I couldn't bring myself to get them. They're so nice but they just seemed a touch too big. Picked up some Eaton X:60s instead.
  8. I've posted other stuff before but I had all my pro stuff together and figured why not take a picture. Not the best lighting but, Pens rbk 520s, Columbus ccm 520s, Islanders navy bauer supreme pros Eaton X:60s, Andy Greene XXXXs, Matvichuk synergy pros, no name Coyotes CP94s, Pandolfo franchises, Robidas franchises, Mayers franchises No name synergy pros, Sykora eastons, no name Senators eastons, no name Binghamton senators 852s, Okposo Torspo/PPFs.
  9. my pick ups over the last two weeks. Mayers, Pandolfo, Robidas. The Robidas are probably my favorite. Narrow, mesh gussets, digital with a digital overlay.
  10. I'm going to assume that it's because it's a two piece painted over. Not fully epoxied over.
  11. They're one60s, sorry, forgot to mention that.
  12. Been playing 95% roller for about ten years now, picked these up in hopes of getting back into ice. Pretty comfortable for a mid-level skate.
  13. Some kid put graf tongues in air force ones on PHEW. Just when you thought they couldn't get any lower...
  14. I haven't been there in ages. Is this still the worst smelling rink on the east coast?
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