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  1. Ill preface this all with "my own experience", but I found the TC4 from True to play very different from the other P28 variants that Ive had. I found it played higher and also felt like it had a bigger/deeper curve, almost more of a big banana curve vs a toe hook/curve. For context Ive gone through most of the brands (Bauer, Warrior, STX, CCM, True) with the same curve on each. Again, my experience and I'm admittedly quite picky on my stuff, but figured id share. YMMV naturally.
  2. I know I may be an outlier here, but on previous Bauer steel I would go between 5/8 and 3/4. Since flipping to the Step steel and True skates Ive jumped all the way to going between 1 3/8 and 1 1/2, and cant even imagine dropping back down. When i first got the new skates with my usual 5/8 cut it felt like I was skating in sand and simply diving into the ice. Changed to 1 inch cut where there was some improvement and then jumped again and am happy with the results now and feel on the ice. Glide to me feels similar to what the old cut and Bauer steel had with all the (and maybe a little more) grip and bite to cut hard whenever I need to with full confidence. The rest of my profile was maintained while changing skates/steel.
  3. Hi all, just wanted to throw my 2 cents in here for what its worth. 2 week turn around time from date of scan to skates in hand. Fitter at my local shop was quite thorough and asked a ton a questions before during and after along with the scan and pics of my feet that were submitted. I actually remember him pointing out that he wanted to re-calibrate the camera/app as when he first tried he wasnt quite happy with the results. When i got the skates I had them profiled and baked. During the bake, the skates felt great and didn't notice any hotspots, but the thought of the skates being too short did cross my mind as it felt like my toes were pressed against the end (not crammed in but also not the feather graze that Im a little more used to) First skate with them was a bit of an adventure. Mainly though because i was trying out a different profile that was more aggressive than previous. Boot itself was just ok, but certainly not the sneaker like feel that you hear about. I probably also tied them a little looser that more normal tension, just because the wrap of the boot is quite good, resulting in some very minor slip within the boot. After this i went back to talk to my fitter at the shop who had some suggestions around tweaks that could be made, but as i was supposed to be on the ice the following day suggested i first try them out again to get a better idea for where the issues were in terms of profile vs boot fit. Second skate was in improvement from the first as i tied a little tighter so there was no slip and i became more comfortable with the profile. However i noticed i was getting arch pain in one foot. Overall still wasnt thrilled with them at this point. Went back to the local shop where i rebaked and also had the profile adjusted. Following night skated again and can now start to say that Im starting to see the appeal for these skates. Fit feels far more dialed in, no arch pain and Im a lot more comfortable as well as noticing the improved edge control. Overall I would give them an 8/10 at this point and Im only 3 skates in so for (can't really hold the profile issues against the skate as it was something i wanted to try). Ive found that the second bake has done a lot more for the fit concerns I initially had and my thoughts around length have largely disappeared as Im assuming Im now starting to sit further into the pocket. Im going to think that as I continue to wear them they will only get better, but i can already say at this point that they're the most comfortable skates Ive had. (30+ years playing now). All this to say that while I understand that sometimes things go wrong, things also go right and I guess I was one for the orders that havent experienced the issues mentioned above.
  4. where did you go to see the status of your skates? Were you sent a specific link/site? I also paid directly to my LHS and nothing was put into the True website.
  5. Has anyone had experience with True skates and extra wear areas on the inside of the skate right at the top of the eyelet row? In older skates I ran into wear issues in that area and over time actually wore through the liner. With my latest Bauers they had wear pads in that area that i think helped a lot. Is this something that True might be able to address or add to a build?
  6. Would it be fair to say that the SuperBlack coating is also more resistant to wear and tear?
  7. Has anyone else had any recent experience with this steel? Im wondering if there has been any change to the coatings to make them more than simply cosmetic vs the coatings on Blacksteel as I like the idea of the benefits it could provide while also not having the same height
  8. Had a question around the skates that Im hoping someone may have be able to provide info around. My last few pairs of skates have all caused irritation (minor cuts as well) on the high outer ankle areas of both legs. My current Bauers MX3's have the "comfort edge" material which helped to a degree, but over time the issue came back as the material wore down and Ive simply begun taping my ankles for protective purposes out of habit. Even with the tape though some games are worse than others. My question is if the True skates have a similar mechanism to the comfort edge (as I havent noticed it) or if the idea is that a custom made skate will eliminate the issue based on fit? Otherwise is this something that could be raised to True when ordering that they might add something or...? Thanks
  9. Hi All, Wanted to close the loop on this. After more prodding on my part and asking to have my scenario, I was passed on to a national manager who agreed to fulfill the warranty claim based on the stick and not the price i paid. As a result i got a 2n Pro. She did mention however that their policy of warranty replacements based on value paid is correct, but because the website warranty information stated stick for stick, she would honour this time however would be requesting to have the verbiage updated to better align with current practices. Thanks for all the help and suggestions folks.
  10. Hi everyone and thanks for all the feedback. As it turns out I've been stonewalled on both avenues. I've gone back to the retailer I purchased from (Prohockeylife in Ontario, and tried 2 locations) and they told me that they were following the same policy of "price paid for stick would determine warranty replacement". When i questioned why that was the case, even the store manager shrugged and said that was the direction he was given from head office (even if he didn't necessarily agree with it). I've gone back to Bauer as well and have at this point simply been ignored, with the supervisor choosing not to respond to my last 3 emails any further after just re-iterating her first message. At this point I'm not even sure what other options I have any more. I can't help but feel wronged here. At least whenever I've purchased prostock sticks, I went in eyes open that there was an element of risk built in with no warranty. Are there any other options available or have I just found a new stick for my niece to play with or use for the tomato's to grow on?
  11. Thanks for the feedback. Has anyone else had experience with Bauer's warranty claims or have knowledge of if what I've been told is the way the policy is being enforced? Maybe anyone at the store/retail level?
  12. Hi There, I recently purchased a Bauer 1N stick that broke within the warranty period. When I contacted Bauer about starting a warranty claim, they told me that because i purchased the stick on sale, I would not be receiving a replacement of the same stick, but rather that they would only send out a stick that was of the same price that i paid. Is this a new policy in place or am I simply misunderstanding the policy on their website? "Please note that, upon examination of returned stick, if BAUER Hockey determines that there is a manufacturing defect, we will ship the same or equivalent model stick replacement to the address you provide. We must have a full mailing address; we cannot ship to P.O. Box numbers." I can't help but feel like I'm getting the raw end of the deal here as the stick they're saying I would get back wouldn't be on par performance wise as what i purchased. Any other time I've dealt with warranties from any other industry, the product replaced has always been replaced with the same or equivalent product. Downgrading a replacement for a manufacturing failure just feels to be in poor taste to me. I was placed in contact with a Bauer warranty supervisor who simply re-stated that the new stick would only be equivalent in value to the price I paid rather then the model I purchased. My reference to their own policy was ignored in their response. Thanks for the help.
  13. I thought Jason described it as Shanny like? The angle is off, as it's slightly more closed in this pic than in reality but you can get the idea. Pretty similar to a Mission Ribeiro. Chadd, Do you have these blades in stock curve #46 in LH senior? I tried the guy in charge of Salming Canada and he said that he did not have any and was not even sure if he would be getting any. Also how square toed is this blade, are we talkin Lidstrom or Iginla square? Thanks
  14. I know im a rookie to all this so forgive me if this question sounds foolish. Would the 46 curve be something like a Lidstrom with a round toe? Maybe slightly smaller in curve and depth but the same idea, cause that would be great.
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