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  1. No im not, and i just meant that plastic thing as "spine protector". Super tacks girdle could be one option if it is more protective than 7092
  2. Hi! Does anybody have suggestion about pants, where spine protector keeps in line with my back when i bend over and move that doesnt poke out and jersey always tucks in? Wore previously x900 pants where it poked out some much that it was hilarious.. Tacks 7092 girdle was good and it kept in place but protection was soooo poor Now im using reebok 9k girdle and its the best pants ive wore but spine protector wont keep in place I know it would keep in place with suspenders or sewing fight strap, but would just pants that make that happen, thanks!
  3. Have to compare these. Vapors just look like they have beefed up calf strap, but lets see!
  4. Hi! Can anyone help me finding most sleek and narrow shin guards that are not bulky. Almost every new shins have huge calf straps that point out like vapors. I have thought about ordering Warrior Alpha DX3 pair they look mobile, light and narrow. What you guys think and give your opinion what should i try out? Thanks!
  5. Thats the thing, no one does other than songle radius in my city...
  6. Benn pro curve closed? Not so much, i think it has pretty big wedge
  7. Ok, thanks for good advice!
  8. I have been playing forward in beer league now about 4 years, and skate size is 42 (8,5 us)
  9. How does that 92/75 compare to 92/50? My friend suggested to me 95/50 but is there that big difference to 92? And yes thinking about going even to 9' from 11'
  10. Helmet: Bauer Re-Akt 150 Elbows: STX Stallion 500 lacrosse pads Shoulders: Reebok 6k Prostock Shins: CCM RBZ 130 Gloves: CCM HG10 David Perron Prostock Bauer Vapor 1X Lite Skates: CCM Jetspeed FT1 Pants: CCM Tacks 7092 Girdle Sticks: Bauer Vapor Flylite 70 flex (Benn pro curve) Pro Stock Sticks 65 flex (Benn pro curve) CCM Ribcor Trigger 4d 65 flex (p28 curve) Finally found comfy equipment and sticking with these for now!
  11. Hi! I need help/suggestions on what profile should i go for. Im fairly skinny guy about 75kg and have been skating on 11' 92/50 fbv profile but thinking that i need more agile blade. I have also tried 90/50 but fell way too much because i dont have that good balance. Can anyone suggest grippy but agile blade for me, thanks!
  12. What would be the most low profile elbow pads in todays markets? I have been thinking about CCM FT370, anyone tried those?
  13. Helmet: Bauer Re-Akt Elbows: Bauer Vapor 1X Shoulders: Bauer Vapor 1X Shins: CCM RBZ 130 Gloves: Warrior Alpha QX Pro, Warrior Covert QRL Pro Skates: CCM Jetspeed FT1, CCM Tacks 6092 Pants: Bauer Supreme One.80 Sticks: CCM Jetspeed 65 flex, p28, Warrior QR Edge 75 flex, w28
  14. Felt amazing and much better than those CCM insoles!
  15. I put oven to about 80-90 celsius and turned it off. Took 2 mins to get those stripes kinda silver not white, but i think it went good, testing tomorrow on ice!
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